Haven: Infiltrating Wraecliff’s Castle

On August 15th, Year 6, Gorg returns to the Vale with a delivery for Skomno from Gilded Falls. Something about the exotic goods on the floor of Skromno’s Wonders and Amazements reminds Gorg of a suspicion he has that Wraecliff is keeping a secret.

  • Gorg (HuS): Level 4 Orc Thief

In broad daylight he makes his way through the woods to the castle. He climbs the white-washed wall without leaving much of a trace and arrives at the top of the southern wall. When he heads for the door to the main keep, he listens and hears guards on their way up the stairs. He hangs off the wall while they pass and then heads into the main keep.

The stair he finds seems to be dedicated to the wall and descends directly to the corridor beside the great hall. With the hall being empty, Gorg hurries across and make his way to the cellar he remembers from his tour of the castle. There are stairs further down from the cellar into an ancient tomb that was mentioned, but not visited, on the tour. He descends these stairs into the dark and produces his glowing thread to use as a subtle light.

He moves deeper into the tomb, keeping close to one wall, and soon finds that certain rooms of the tomb complex have been repurposed for long term food storage. Moving mostly blind through some bigger spaces, he finds stairs headed down and continues along the right wall, passing by another passage into a large, dusty room where he sees embalming tools on counters. He continues through it along the wall and another level down where he sees some bodies.

Feeling safely deep into areas with no sign of passage, he lights up a lantern and finds that lizardfolk and kobold bodies (well rotted) are piled in the middle of the room and pinned down with logs piled atop them. He continues around the pile into the sarcophagus room beyond where a couple loose corpses remain. Finding it to be a dead end, he returns to the level above, crossing the large embalming room by lantern light before extinguishing it and switching back to his thread.

As Gorg approaches the corridor he passed on the way down, he now sees light shining out from around a door in that corridor that wasn’t there before. (I rolled a 100 on patrols just as he passed it, but he didn’t notice someone following him down.) He carefully approaches and sees that this door and frame are new work added within the last year or so. He can hear two voices inside, one fast and unintelligible, the other speaking ensignal, which he doesn’t understand.

He waits at the door, listening until it sounds like the human is leaving before withdrawing to the shadows down the passage. He watches Wraecliff leave with a candle and once he is up the stairs, Gorg carefully goes into the subterranean office and hides his thread when he sees a soft blue light in the room.

The blue light emanates from a little person standing in a bird cage, rapidly counting the bars of the cage clockwise then counterclockwise over and over. Gorg approaches and addresses the person in elvish. It speaks quickly, but Gorg is able to learn that it is a quickling who Wraecliff has been using to spy for him ever since he was captured 2 years ago. Gorg finds Wraecliff’s journals of the fey’s reports, but is unable to read them.

After the quickling agrees not to kill Wraecliff, Gorg releases him and he zips away. Bringing Wraecliff’s journals with him, Gorg makes his way back up out of the cellars. He hears the cook working in the kitchen and makes his way back to the great hall only to find Wraecliff is using it. He works his way back through the kitchen where the chef exclaims his cake is ruined because his sugar and salt were switched. He quickly makes his way to the stairs up to the wall, but halfway up he hears someone entering at the top and retreats down.

The man descending falls down the stairs and Gorg hides in the rafters as others come to help him, finding he has broken his arm after falling due to his tied together shoe laces. When they move away, Gorg climbs the stairs and escapes onto the wall. He isn’t done yet, though. He climbs to Wraecliff’s room where he looks for anything else suspicious (finding nothing) and steals as much money as he can find.

On his way out, Gorg is seen, but uses some of his invisibility powder to hide before the shouting guard looses an arrow. Leaving the guard confused, he descends the wall and makes his way to Confluence where he visits Prickly Keep to show the books to Verdis. Verdis sees that they are full of potential blackmail material. Verdis makes a trip to Citadel to present them to Matthias to protect Gorg’s identity. Concerned, Matthias verifies that it is Wraecliff’s hand and thanks him for informing him of the illicit behavior.

Gorg levels up and looks for goods to sell in gnomish lands.

A throw away arc that started 2 years ago, was briefly revived one year ago, and suddenly brought to the front again this week when (HuS) remembered it and decided to do something about it. Gotta love long running sand boxes.

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