Haven: Vale Lake Dive

On August 8th, Year 6, Randall grows suspicious of the Garim na Aguluk Sacra activity in the Vale Lake. He takes Yulden and the treant he has been upgrading and heads to Aithreachas to ask Gerald to join him in investigating the lake activity:

  • Randall (HuS): Level 7 Human Druid (Level 3 Druid Grove)
    • Oliver, Level 7 Fox Animal Companion
    • Treant
    • Gerald, Awakened Ogre
    • Yulden, Level 2 Orc Druid

In Carrie, they ask around a learn that one of the fishermen claims he saw goblins diving into the lake, staying under for a long time probably with alchemical help, and emerging wounded. Randall convinces a fisherman to lend him a boat for the night and heads out onto the lake.

Using his nature sense, Randall finds that the lake is nearly a mile deep and that something unnatural at the bottom clouds his sense. He also senses another boat on the lake and approaches. The goblins on the boat are respectful of Randall, but refuse to answer his questions about what they are looking for, indicating that it is something sacred to them that they cannot share. Worried that Randall is still watching, they do nothing interesting during the night and Randall returns to Carrie.

In the morning, Randall buys a large barrel used as a bath tub and some rope. They find some heavy rocks and this time rent the fishing boat for the day, loading it up and heading onto the lake by day. With rocks suspended from the overturned barrel, Randall and Gerald climb under it (Randall can’t swim, but Gerald is a fairly strong swimmer). They bucket some of the air out of the barrel until it starts to sink and begin their descent in their makeshift submarine, pressed in the top of the barrel to breathe.

As they descend, the water soon becomes dark. They are attacked by a massive fish and Randall is wounded before they chase it off. When a second fish attacks, they again fight with spear and dagger but some sort of magic suddenly causes Randall to be pressed against the barrel and they seem to be ascending again. Seeing the fish continues to attack and they are climbing anyway, they cut the stones loose and rapidly ascend. When they reach the surface, Randall continues right up into the air above the water. Gerald recovers the barrel and throws a rope to Randall, pulling him down into the boat where he ties himself down until the enchantment passes.

They stay out until nightfall, demoralized by the failed dive attempt. During the day, Randall speaks to some of the large floating plants and obtains some potions caught in their vines. After nightfall, they linger in hiding and observe some goblins preparing to dive with a sextant to take measurements. When the moon rises, they perform a ritual and one of them drinks a potion and dives. Using his Natural Empathy, Randall watches the goblin dive, dodging fish and pressing downward until a fish manages to catch him. Wounded, he quickly ascends and once back in the boat they withdraw from the lake in defeat.

Randall takes a break the next day, visiting Jared to learn that his potions are a water breathing and a water sight potion. He and Gerald decide to use them to dive on the unnatural thing at the bottom of the lake. Gerald is able to swim himself, but Randall tethers himself to rocks in order to rapidly sink and bringing a Natural Weapon spear along to better defend. They fend off a few fish now that they can see them approach and soon see a massive facility filling the bottom of the very deep reservoir. Lights flicker inside its narrow windows and it looks to be made entirely of metal.

They see a door in the outer toroidal ring and approach, but are surprised to find it is much bigger than expected at 60 feet or so tall. It seems to require some kind of key, so they go back up to investigate the central area. In the middle of the torus (800 feet in outer diameter) is massive metal disk made of seemingly movable pieces. Their is an opening maybe 20 feet across in the middle of the disk, but as they get closer they can feel the pull of the current and realize if they approach further they will be sucked through and unable to return.

They start toward a window instead but Randall’s spear reverts to just wood and they realize their water breathing is going to run out. They cut Randall’s rocks free and start to climb, Gerald swimming powerfully while Randall holds on. The water breathing wears off and Randall can’t hold his breath any longer. He blacks out just as the surface light is coming into view and Gerald grabs him, continuing to climb. Gerald makes the surface and he and Yulden manage to revive Randall.

Exhuasted from the near drowning, Randall is done for the week and contacts Matthias to warn him about the facility the goblins have been seeking. Matthias is concerned and starts considering options to deal with the situation. Randall spends a day recovering and returns to his Grove. He levels up and with another level in Will and a will potion, he dons the phoenix helmet, managing to resist the transformation and release the phoenix, which pledges loyalty to him.

I was not expecting them to get to this facility quite yet. Now that they know it’s there, there is no chance they won’t keep pushing until they get in. I have a lot of work to do.

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