Haven: Mapping the Hunting Grounds

On August 1st, Year 6, a handful of novice adventurers decide to finish the mapping of Wreacliff’s demesne. All that remains is the area South of Moaning Hill and east of the Vale, which is frequented by hunters from Citadel. With a safe, well-known area, they decide to split into two groups and follow a more sparse search pattern:

  • South Party
    • Chiron (TrS): Level 3 Human Hunter
      • Tulzryrig, Riding Horse
    • Malcom (HuS): Level 2 Human Cleric of the Empty Tomb
      • Tom
  • North Party
    • Milo (EnS): Level 3 Halfling Musician (Trombone)
      • Joe Zobidoo, Level 0 Elf Musician (Piano/Composing)
      • Sariah “Smooth”, Level 0 Human Musician (Trumpet/Voice)
      • “Magic” Morgan, Level 0 Dwarf Musician (Bass/Voice)
    • Lash (WaB): Level 2 Human Thief

They coordinate their plan with Wraecliff and then leave his castle to begin their separate patrols. They remember to bring the communicators we haven’t seen since last October. They work all the way to the end of both patrol routes and they are confident they will be able to communicate the whole week, making irregular check-ins every three hours or so.WraecliffDemesneFinal

Monday, the North team encounters a band of Death’s Shadow Cultists (kobolds). Lash kills two (the apparent leaders) from a tree before they can respond and the others flee. Lash gives chase and Milo follows, at first using music to hasten Lash, but when he sees the bodies, he switches to a calming song. Lash soon catches the rear kobold and while they are dagger fighting, Milo arrives, subduing them both with his music so they stop fighting.

Milo continues to play while Sariah tries to reason with Lash, but he breaks free of the enchantment and runs after the other two, counting on them to restrain the calmed kobold. They do so and Lash soon returns having lost the other two. Not able to communicate with the kobold, they decide to bring him to Rovert’s tower not too far away. Rovert is able to learn from him that they were headed to the altar near Wraecliff’s Castle. He takes the kobold into his custody with the promise that he doesn’t intend to harm him. They spend the night at Rovert’s tower despite not being able to raise Chiron and Malcom on the communicators.

Meanwhile in the south, Chiron notices signs of someone living in the area long term, including well worn paths and berry bushes stripped bare. They pass them by and make camp that night at a hunter’s blind. The hunter returns to find them and welcomes them for the night. When asked about someone living in the area he warns them that he tried to follow the tracks but became confused and lost time. He hasn’t dared investigate since and the signs make him uneasy. They decide that if they find more signs the next day, they will try to follow them back and see who’s living so close to the Vale.

Around noon, they encounter signs and follow the track a long way back before suddenly realizing they don’t remember the last while. They estimate it’s been nearly half an hour by the sun since they last recall. While they had been approaching from the east, their trail comes roughly from the north. Somehow they got turned around. After two more attempts to follow their tracks back and suffering similar disorientation, they mark the location on the map and continue mapping.

The rest of the week otherwise passes uneventfully, encountering hunters and some wild animals that give them a wide berth. Saturday afternoon, they join up in the southeast corner of the demesne and head back to the castle. On the way, they encounter a panicked satyr who has apparently been lost for several days. They help him back to Wraecliff’s Castle where they stay the night. Malcom comforts the satyr when its sleep is restless, but otherwise the night is uneventful. In the morning they return to Citadel and the satyr returns to satyr lands.

I had to ask to keep this one quick and they picked the perfect mission for it. Finally the demesne is mapped. Obviously they missed a couple things in their passes, but there’s always a chance some future party stumbles across them later. If I get impatient, a hunter might go missing, but the perception I set for some of these is rough (1d100+10 Perception needed to see it on each pass in the area, the 1d100 representing if you’re even close enough to spot it).

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2 Responses to Haven: Mapping the Hunting Grounds

  1. >”Meanwhile in the south, Chiron notices signs of someone living in the area long term, including well worn paths and berry bushes stripped bare.”

    Great setup there! A lot of DMs would just say, “You encountered a hunter…”

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