Haven: Attack on Verdis’ Keep

On July 25th, Year 6, Rovert, Verdis, Ragnvaldr, and their allies awake expecting mysterious forces to arrive at Verdis’ Keep at dawn. The nigh before, a horned figured appeared, informing them that today the Nobles of the Deep Circle would be collecting on Rovert’s and Verdis’ debt for destroying soul mirrors in Odsev 10 days before. They refused to accept collectors willingly and now expect them to come in force. They array their forces accordingly at the keep perimeter walls:

  • Rovert (TrS): Level 17 Human Necromancer (Level 3 Tower)
    • Drej, Level 5 Psuedodragon Familiar
    • 5 ogre skeletons
    • 2 hill giant skeletons
  • Verdis (HuS): Level 13 Human Fighter (Level 2 Keep)
    • Teran, Level 8 Ranger
    • Bill, Level 3/1 Fighter/Pilot
    • Verdis’ Prickly Bois, Human Green Medium Infantry (d8)
    • Teran’s Foe-Hunters, Human Regular Medium Archers (d4)
    • Pogromii’s Folly, Kobold Regular Light Infantry (d4)
    • Pogromii’s Shame, Kobold Regular Light Archers (d4)
  • Ragnvaldr (EnS): Level 10 Human Fighter
    • Neville, Level 4 Toad Familiar

At day break, a fiery portal opens up across the farmer’s market from the bridge to Verdis’ Keep. A large, horned monstrosity with sword and flaming whip emerges, followed by a swarm of winged warriors, four massive riders on nightmares, and a horde of smaller, naked imps. They form up and march through the empty market area until their leader calls out, giving one last chance for them to pay the debt before non-contracted defenders have to die.Confluence

Rovert responds with a powerful spell that withers away much of the leaders muscular form, damaging nearby forces and even killing some of the imps. The leader orders the attack. Verdis’ archers prove ineffective against the flyers, but the Prickly Bois manage to keep them from lowering the drawbridge as they engage. The leader starts across the bridge amid the swarming imps while the riders wait at the far side.

Everyone tries to stop the flyers and between Verdis’ and Ragnvaldr’s arrows, spells from Rovert, and the soldiers efforts, they are greatly diminished. The Prcikly Bois manage again to keep them at bay will the kobold infantry stand at ready in the gate as the imps leap at the draw bridge and struggle to drag it down. Rovert also keeps slinging spells at the leader who has taken to dodging.

The leader stops just beyond Rovert’s easy spell reach, firing bolts of lighting at him from an outstretched finger. Meanwhile, the imps manage to get the drawbridge down and the kobold infantry engages them. The abaddon cavalry charges, breaking through the melee into the courtyard without dealing casualties to the kobolds.

Verdis runs to join the kobolds on the bridge (blade dance devastating the imp swarm) while arrows rain among the imps as well and Rovert finishes the leader. The Prickly Bois finally bring down the last of the flyers. Inside the walls, Ragnvaldr engages one of the riders while Rovert’s undead attack the others, getting surprising casualties.

The imps all flee and soon only the one rider remains. Rovert puts his mount to sleep and he finds himself dismounted and against overwhelming odds. He and his dismounted and pinned companions all vanish in flames, leaving one nightmare and some dropped weapons. The keep has been defended.

Both infantry units had some seriously wounded in the defense, but all are able to be saved with Verdis’ lay on hands. They distribute the amazing weapons the enemy had. Rovert and Verdis level up.

With Verdis actually bringing units to the table, we ran a slightly modified version of the Strongholds and Followers combat (made the attack rolls multiplicative on 3d6 as is the Mind Weave way). The most awkward thing was probably wanting to have the PCs be able to engage one-on-one against individuals from the units, but I think it all went well.

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