Third Year of Haven

On July 15th, Year 3 (2017) the first adventurers called to pass through the portal in the temple of Enoch to Haven arrived in Citadel. Matthias greeted them and put them to work solving problems throughout the Vale and beyond. Their first year of activity is summarized here and the second year here.

Since that time, two Citadel House Adventurers have built strongholds: Rovert’s Tower about a day from Citadel up the old Nefil Road and Verdis’ Keep in the center of Confluence. A third, Randall, has taken control of a Grove a day or so north of Confluence built by the fey Wrinkle. These powerful posts have given them influence in the land and allowed Verdis to define the Vale’s land claim. Rovert has decided to differentiate himself from the Vale in the process.ValeMap

In the meantime, they have brought an end to the most extreme faction of the Ar-a-mach and with it their efforts to awaken their ancient king, Luath Draoidh. With no recent activity, gnomes moving into the Vale have been able to do so without any suspicion and have become plentiful both in their village to the north and in the heart of the Vale at Citadel and Wraeville.

A secret treaty with Ellizari, the red dragon that rules the West Hill March of the Dragon Empire from Edsserish, has established peaceful relations with the last of powers controlling territory in the area, making the immediate region safe at least from organized threats.

Between Randall’s bird informants and the mapping efforts in Wraecliff’s demesne, they have become much more aware of the areas near the Vale in general and have dealt with a number of small threats to travel in the area.

Efforts have begun to delve into Ker Vedno (the old dwarven capital) and Moaning Hill (a mysterious network of caves that various parties seem interested in exploring). At least in Ker Vedno this has already proved extremely profitable, though they have only scratched the surface in either place.

For more detailed accounts of their adventures, see below:

August 3rd, Year 5: Smoke north of Wraecliff’s castle leads the adventurers to find a seal on an ancient fey was broken and it is setting fire to the forest.
August 10th, Year 5: Hunters warn them about kobolds lurking around Moaning Hill, which brings them out to the hill for the first time. They find many kobolds died there.
August 17th-August 23rd, Year 5: High level adventurers travel to the west of Satyr lands where Schek Viilka has been attacking villages.
August 24th-August 28th, Year 5: Chasing rumors of singing in Cria Basin, adventurers go to investigate Bart’s grave and find Ar-a-mach activity continues in the area.
August 31st-September 6th, Year 5: Using the information obtained at Cria Basin, adventurers go to raid the Ar-a-mach headquarters under Silver Hall in Stalla Airgid.
September 7th-September 15th, Year 5: Still striking at the Ar-a-mach, adventurers intercept them as they seek one of the keys to the seals on Luath Draoidh.
September 14th, Year 5: Meanwhile in the Vale, Ar-a-mach spies attempt to ascertain the location of the map to Luath Draoidh’s tomb.
September 21st-September 22nd, Year 5: Delving into another lizardfolk tomb near the Vale, even high level adventurers are taken by surprise and barely escape.
September 28th-September 29th, Year 5: After resting, adventurers return to the tomb to try to finish the enemies that drove them off last time.
October 12th-October 14th, Year 5: With a good haul of treasure from the last tomb, adventurers seek out another tomb and find it partially collapsed, but loot it.
October 19th-October 20th, Year 5: Low level adventurers stop an attempted Ar-a-mach jail break at the Vale prison.
October 26th-October 31st, Year 5: Rovert trawls the great road have a number of interesting encounters before being ambushed by an Ar-a-mach attacker.
October 27th-October 28th, Year 5: Some adventurers deal with fey pranks near the new moon.
November 2nd-November 3rd, Year 5: Rovert discovers the source of the ghost at the windmill and slays a troll there.
November 9th-10th, Year 5: Adventurers return to the shaft tomb to find out what lies at the bottom of the shaft.
November 16th-19th, Year 5: Adventurers go to a tower recently at the center of satyr troubles with creatures emerging from it.
November 19th-22nd, Year 5: The effort at the tower continues with significant alchemical loot and a deadly enemy that chases them out, but not before destroying every living thing in the tower.
November 30th-December 9th Year 5: A circuit of teleport circles brings some high level adventurers to various places in the old dwarven kingdom.
November 30th-December 1st, Year 5: Undead assault the prison and release the vampire from the college being held there.
December 7th-December 12th, Year 5: Adventurers map the safest corner of Wraecliff’s demesne.
December 14th-December 17th, Year 5: A werewolf near Confluence becomes two werewolves before adventurers deal with it.
January 11th-January 16th, Year 6: While mapping more of Wraecliff’s demesne, Ragnvaldr subdues and owlbear which follows him for food.
January 18th, Year 6: A pair of adventurers deal with a “dragon” threat in the Vale itself.
January 25th-January 31st, Year 6: Another mapping expedition into Wraecliff’s demesne uncovers primitive ratfolk living in the northeast of Wraecliff’s demesne.
February 1st, Year 6: A pair of adventurers return to the ruined keep near satyr lands and clear it of any remaining threats at satyr behest.
February 8th, Year 6: Ar-a-mach attack Citadel House itself and the adventurers present mount a defense while most are escorting a trade caravan.
February 10th-February 15th, Year 6: During the Ar-a-mach attack, Citadel House Adventurers learned Dargos was also under attack and go to his rescue.
February 22nd-February 28th, Year 6: A band of adventurers hit the old elvish college, but are driven away by reinforcements after heavy damage from powerful undead.
February 25th-March 2nd, Year 6: Rovert stays behind at the college and makes a couple more stabs on his own, finding some interesting buildings, but not a way to destroy the lich.
March 14th-March 20th, Year 6: A band of musicians make their way south to make sure that the families who moved to the south are okay. They are not completely okay.
March 21st-March 27th, Year 6: A putrid undead has been plaguing the satyr heartland and adventurers go to destroy it.
April 9th-April 10th, Year 6: Rovert’s Tower weathers an attack by the Death’s Shadow cult with undead, necromancers, and even a dragon.
April 19th-April 23rd, Year 6: Rovert leads a search for signs of an ancient lizardfolk “South Kingdom” down river from the Vale.
April 25th-May 2nd, Year 6: Another expedition into the “South Kingdom” discovers three ruined castles from the period, but still not what they are looking for.
May 2nd-May 5th, Year 6: Diplomats travel to a Dragon Empire ruler near the Vale and come away with a secret treaty assuring piece with her March.
May 8th-May 12th, Year 6: Gorg leads a party to a hidden elvish art-gallery which they clear and loot.
May 9th-May 14th, Year 6: Another mapping expedition in Wraecliff’s demesne brushes with the Moaning Hill.
May 16th-May 20th, Year 6: Skromno (a gnomish purveyor of exotic goods in the Vale) hires adventurers to escort his technician to the grounded river boat to the south.
May 23rd-May 25th, Year 6: Rovert attempts a delve into Moaning Hill after come to a claim arrangement with Wraecliff.
May 25th-May 28th, Year 6: Verdis rushes out with Ragnvaldr to pursue fey who stole his bandit axe from Viera of the Sleeping Satyr.
June 13th-June 14th, Year 6: After the Garim na Aguluk Sacra heretical goblin cult south of the Vale accuses Carrie fishermen of taking their people, adventurers go to smooth things over and figure out where they really went.
June 20th-June 24th, Year 6: When the flying island passes over the Vale, powerful adventurers take their chance to confront the dragon there.
June 27th-July 5th, Year 6: A party of lower level adventurers go to find the shadows that scared Randall’s ogre friend in his adopted tomb home.
July 4th-July 7th, Year 6: Two adventurers find the old dwarven royal hunting lodge and the forces still occupying it.
July 11th-July 24th, Year 6: Another visit to Ker Vedno via the teleport circles leads to a factory where the dwarf kingdom’s best magic mirrors were made.
July 18th-July 21st, Year 6: A search for a creature the animals call “the lame one” leads to a very nearly deadly encounter with the creature in his lair.

The Players

All my players have been amazing to work with. I hope we have a long future ahead. Let’s meet them all! (In order of recent participation, roughly.)

TrS is the most constant player now. With both a character he plans on becoming a main villain and a character he plans on being part of the party that defeats him, he has a lot of work to do. He drives a lot of the missions as he strives for power, knowledge, and the riches to improve his stronghold.

  • Rovert, Level 17 Human Necromancer, has established a stronghold outside the Vale and declared himself independent from it. His tower has become a place for ambassadors to visit and has attracted other followers in addition to his growing army of undead, including dragons.
  • Ragnvaldr, Level 10 Human Fighter, has become significantly more active beyond the Vale, growing to be one of the strongest adventurers in Citadel House.
  • Q, Level 6 Human Thief (Assassin), has been in the Vale some time, arriving in irons. He saw Verdis turn down his opportunity to be mayor, but remains Matthias’ bodyguard during the long periods he spends not adventuring.
  • Chiron, Level 3 Human Hunter, has recently become more active again, become a leader of low level parties near the Vale.
  • Trevor, Level 2 Human Musician, arrived and went on one mission with the marching band. He was probably made just for the purpose.
  • Donehogawa, Level 1 Centaur Fighter, came looking for his brother Dohasan. Finding he had sworn himself to Rovert, Donehogawa stayed as well.
  • Bart “the soon to be Bard”, Level 2 Halfling Musician, Deceased, was a street player who shared an alley with Harold before they both came. Bart supported his teams with rousing music out of combat and tunes that compelled friend and foe to dance in combat. He was a poisoner on the side, a skill which helped dispatch a few powerful enemies over the course of his short career. When the gelatinous cube swallowed up his corpse, Randall retrieved it at great personal risk and buried it on a ridge outside Cria Basin.

HuS had a Saturday job for much of the year. We held some extra sessions other days to get him into some games, but he’s back now in force these days. He has big ambitions for Verdis and Randall to influence the Vale. I think we can get another year or so out of him before he’s off for a real world mission.

  • Verdis, Level 13 Human Fighter (Axe and Shield, Healing Magic, Archery, and Tracking), turned down running for mayor of Citadel, instead building a keep in the center of Confluence where he is now building forces to defend the Vale.
  • Randall, Level 8/2 Human Druid/Alchemist (Animal and Plant Control and Speaking and Animal Forms), has taken control of a fey grove north of the Vale that gives him influence and power over the wilds for miles around. His name is known throughout his demesne and beyond.
  • Agon, Level 5 Elf Magic-user (Stealth, Travel, and Mind Magic, Bear Companion), handed off control of the prison and has become the leading Vale expert in orc relations. He led the way to treaties with the Union of Schek and trained missionaries to go among them. He hasn’t done much in the last year.
  • Gorg, Level 4 Orc Thief, joined the Valefolk and the Citadel House Adventurers after his father was killed by a Dragon Empire patrol. In the last year he has been on few missions, but has started a courier service with the alchemist cart taken from an Ar-a-mach selling rare goods between the orcs and the gnomes.
  • Malcom, Level 3 Human Cleric of the Empty Tomb, has come to the Vale seeking the dead who died without the Gospel. He hopes to gather their names for temple work.
  • Slade, Level 1 Human Fighter, Deceased, was a short lived adventurer who gave his life to satiate the Knowledge Dragon and save the Vale. His great faith and ability would have been a great asset to the Vale.

EnS has been a consistent player since his debut just a little over a year ago. His characters are made with a purpose in mind and he plays them toward that goal, regardless of how ineffective they sometimes feel in combat.

  • Stephen, Level 9 Human Thief, has started keeping a record of all the shady people he meets in the Vale, gathering rumors and investigating mysteries. He has been a great vehicle for the plot to move forward.
  • Milo, Level 3 Halfling Musician, arrived with the rest of his jazz quartet and has been inspiring adventuring parties ever since, usually travelling with his whole band.

MiM is now another constant player. He’s quiet, but his willingness to keep secrets makes him a great resource for intrigue. Though he is at pretty much every session, he hardly participates outside of combat and does little to move the plot. His newest character may change that.

  • Conan, Level 12 Elf-Vampire Magic-user (Fire and Death Magic), came from being a weapon smith to the Vale. Heavyset and short, he was the last person people would have expected to be a vampire, but he became one. He now lives in Rovert’s Tower and studies with him.
  • Rowan, Level 8 Elf Magic-user (Death and Life Magic), came to the Vale looking to do a great work. He has only just begun, but his powers have been a great boon already to adventuring parties in need of healing and damage output.
  • Lester, Level 2 Human Thief, comes from a life of abuse that has driven him to a zealous destruction of evil
  • Warren, Level 2 Dwarf Fighter, a humble dwarven warrior who has found little place in adventuring parties yet.
  • Polly, Level 2 Dwarf Brawler, hasn’t seen play yet, but he can turn into a bowling ball, which is a gimmick we’re all looking forward to.
  • Edrej, Level 1/1 Gnome  Magic-user/Alchemist, is the only gnomish character so far. He has a unique backstory that had promise to reopen some old conflicts, but hasn’t come to fruition yet.
  • Harold, Level 1 Halfling Thief, came to the Vale despite having to leave behind his alley buddy Bart. To his surprise, Bart came with him the same day! He hasn’t gone out adventuring since that first day with Bart, but news of Bart’s death won’t do much to change that. He won’t hear until he is relieved of his lookout duties at the Kobold outpost.

JaH has continued to be periodic in his attendance, but without the ability to join digitally in recent months, he has fallen off the map. Hopefully we can bring him back soon.

  • Mark, Level 6 Halfling Thief, has been on some extremely dangerous missions for his experience and has done a good job keeping out of danger while being effective.
  • Jeff, Level 2 Elf Magic-user, had the distinction of having low-rolled stats and a character concept as ill-conceived as only first characters can be.
  • Zak, Level 1 Human Hunter, has been on one mission, borrowed by JaH’s cousin.

WaB doesn’t find a lot of opportunity to attend (he’s a real entrepreneur), but when he does, he is a unique experience with his MacGyver-like character. He has big ambitions, but he will soon be leaving on his own real-life mission, so now is the time to move.

  • Earl “the Lash” Nigell, Level 6/4 Human Fighter/Tinker, is working to change the world. He founded Wraeville, where many gnomes are beginning to move in. He has also started selling pointy hats among the gnomes and with the Odsev loot plans to go found a tinker’s college among the gnomes.
  • Aronis, Level 5 Human Magic-user (Fire and Wind Magic, Dabbling in combat and utility), came from the farm into a wild magic he would come to master. He was a leader in magic in the Vale, but he has been passive for a while.
  • Lash, Level 2 Human Thief (Ambush and Incapacitation), was a petty thief and child of poor farmers before he came to the Vale. After a few close calls, he started to doubt his suitability for the perilous life of an adventurer. He has avoided going out, but still stands by for an appropriate task.

CoB still comes from time to time. Between extra-curricular activities and his own campaign to run, we see him primarily on special sessions like the Halloween one. He has also been a victim of the move to digital.

  • Osiris, Level 7 Elf Magic-user (Life and Death Magic), was a common thief until he learned of magic and found he had an affinity for it. He became a doctor before he was called to the Vale. In the Vale, he has been the reckless tip of the spear in a number of missions. His recklessness will surely kill him.
  • Caramon, Level 3 Human Fighter (Stealth and Heroism), came from street gangs to the Vale claiming to be Cripis’ brother, with no other explanation. He was overwhelmed to see Cripis dead and hasn’t gone out since.
  • Cripis, Level 2 Halfling Fighter (Understatted, Stealth from Backstory), Deceased, was a thief who came to the Vale looking to be a hero. He saved the Satyr Elder and when the vampire in the dwarven prison killed him, he was honored by the satyrs at his funeral.
  • Marvin, Level 1 Human Monk Acolyte, he was created after the last session and hasn’t seen any play yet, but his notion is to be a ninja!
  • Sipric, Level 1 Human Fighter, arrived into a flurry of activity when he was influenced by the rogue adventurer Torren. Ashamed of his actions during that time, he has not gone out any more.

KJW is consistently a goof ball. When he comes, you can count on his character not really contributing much to the party’s capability, but him contributing plenty to the fun.

  • Xygmeyer, Level 1 Human Druid, has proven to be a coward in battle, a distinction his cheetah animal form and animal companion are well suited to.
  • Xander, Level 1 Halfling Thief, Deceased, came with a letter warning he was a criminal. He was working fairly well while under house arrest and was allowed to join a mission. He was murdered in his bed in early July.

CoS has been on a few more missions this year, we haven’t seen him since shifting to digital, but I suspect he will pop in again when we return to in person play.

  • Carl “Sir Mage-a-lot” Shivenleaf, Level 3 Elf Magic-user, was once a casino magician. He has tagged along on a random smattering of missions in the last year.
  • Snickerton, Level 2 Halfling Musician, went on one intense dungeon delve and will be a fun character in the future.

I have cut several players from the list, a few who haven’t played at all in the last year, but mostly players who haven’t played in two years. Their characters have become NPCs. One, Bill, became one of Verdis’ followers and now pilots the flying island.

With that summary, the campaign continues. Be sure to check back for more play reports and so much more.

If you’ve made it this far, then you’re awesome! But seriously, if you’re this dedicated to the blog, you should check out locals or one of the other modules I offer.

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