Haven: Odsev Mirror Factory

On July 11th, Year 6, a mighty band of adventurers (two with strongholds) set out for gnomish lands on their way to Od Miru, where there is a teleport circle connected to the dwarven teleport circle hub. By morning on the 15th, they are lighting their circle walking candles and walking through the air toward Ker Vedno:

  • Rovert (TrS): Level 17 Human Necromancer (Level 3 Tower)
    • Drej, Level 5 Psuedodragon Familiar
  • Verdis (Hus): Level 13 Human Fighter (Level 2 Keep)
    • Phineas, Talking Rock
  • Conan (MiM): Level 12 Elf Vampire Magic-user
    • Skarr, Level 6 Hawk Familiar
  • Earl (WaB): Level 5/3 Human Fighter/Tinker

Upon arriving, they peek through the door from the circle to see an ethereal blob has returned to that corridor near the far door. They close the door, not wanting to deal with it, and Rovert prepares a teleport to get them to the main chamber. He steps through the portal first and sees a larger ethereal creature coming up from the central shaft and extending toward their door. He immediately casts a powerful wind spell, forcing it down the shaft as his companions appear in the room. The creature is shooting stars and struggling to rise further and Rovert orders Earl to pick a door and move. He picks the third on the left and they all follow, escaping the wind tossed room before the creature can attack again.

The corridor brings them as expected to another teleport circle room which Rovert believes will bring them to Odsev (reflection in dwarvish) whatever that is. They light their candles and begin their walk through the ethereal tunnel. Verdis is able to determine that they are headed South using his Direction Sense and they are intrigued thinking it may be nearer the Vale.

They arrive on the destination circle and blowing out their candles are greeted by a shining man (apparently made of mirrors) who welcomes them to Odsev Mirror Factory and, since they haven’t received any advanced orders, invites them to sign a contract before beginning their tour of the factory:

By signing this contract, I take full responsibility for any mirrors I break during my visit to Odsev Factory. This responsibility shall include:

    • For Lesser Mirrors: 500 gc per mirror
    • For Greater Mirrors: 5,000 gc per mirror
    • For Soul Mirrors: my own soul and 5,000 gc per mirror from my estate

I understand that delay or refusal to satisfy this responsibility may lead to escalation of the responsibility and forced collection.

Rovert admonishes them all to touch nothing and signs the contract. The others follow suit and they are soon able to tour the factory’s inventory, workshop, and manufacturing floor before being brought to the sales floor. They peruse a catalog and Rovert buys a pair of communication mirrors for 1,500 gc. After those come back, they are invited to look around more and so head to a door at the back of the manufacturing floor. It brings them to a mudroom where they destroy a shard beetle, seemingly made of broken bits of mirror. Another door brings them outside, so they take the stairs down into the basement instead.

They lead to a room full of tables with two halls off it. Down one, Earl picks locks, allowing them to loot craftsmen’s rooms of various trinkets (from Who Would Just Leave This Stuff) and some small number of coins (fighting Shard Beetles as they go). The fifth door screams out on Earl’s second attempt and they all flee the hall in case security comes and head to the other hall, leading to the kitchen the mirror construct told them about. There they battle an Extra-QuickSilver elemental converting most of it to flames with persistent blasts of fire before it strikes Rovert, whose rebuffing robe teleports it out of the building. They descend the stairs into the cellar, where they are ambushed by several shard beetles. They deal with them quickly, but another Extra-QuickSilver elemental was awakened by their battle and attacks. This, too, they soon destroy, and even Earl firing his guns doesn’t draw the attention of the mirror constructs.

They head back to the craftsmen’s quarters and loot four more rooms before teleporting through the locked door into the foreman’s room, which they of course loot, then into the foreman’s office. Rovert warns the others through Drej not to follow as he is immediately confronted by a speaking filing cabinet, apparently the foreman’s secretary. He convinces the long-abandoned cabinet that he is the new foreman and gets a full report of the factory’s disposition. He searches the desk’s drawers, finding more trinkets and a key.

At this point, he wants access to the safe where the monies from the factory’s last sales are stored and has verified that the factory has not had a sale besides to him in 600 years. He uses his anti-magic dagger to stun the filing cabinet while in the act of dusting it off and uses the key to let the others in. Earl gets started working on cracking the safe while Verdis and Rovert go about stunning and smashing each of the 4 mirror constructs watching over the factory. Only one puts up a fight, turning into Verdis but still falling at the dagger’s touch.

It is raining outside, so the familiars can’t orient themselves by Rovert’s tower and its glowering cloud cover. They spend the rest of the day inventorying the mirrors in storage. The next morning, they see that Rovert’s clouds are in sight some 30 miles or so to the west. They wait for nightfall so Conan can accompany the familiars to the tower and from there to Confluence, where they use Phineas to convince Bill to fly the island (and some of Verdis’ soldiers), first to Rovert’s tower to pick up undead, then to the factory.

By late on the 19th, Bill has successfully navigated to the factory. They spend the 20th, 21st, and 22nd loading the island with mirrors and mirror-making materials. On the 23rd, Bill flies them directly to Confluence, stopping nearby under the cover of darkness. In the morning on the 24th, he settles the island close to the keep’s walls where a bulwark has been prepared to help disembark. They settle in to discuss loot division in the keep while their laborers wait for orders to unload anything claimed by Earl and Verdis.

Earl levels up.

Every time they go to Ker Vedno I have several documents to review in case they go to those places. Odsev got the most love from me before this mission, I’m so glad WaB picked it at random, even if the loot was absurd. Supporters on locals will get extensive documentation of Odsev Mirror Factory, but not all of Ker Vedno just yet.

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