Primordial Frontier S29: To the Bridge

Having cleared flight control and animated a dozen of the enemies there, the party knows the alarm has been sounded and start looking for a way up. Amhran loads her numerous undead into her cloak temporarily (she wouldn’t want to frighten the refugee souls there or taint the idyllic landscape she has fashioned there) and Rathdar tries to get the elevators working. None of them answer the call.

  • Rathdar (ByW): Level 9 Human Vampire Paladin of Vardor
  • Bilbil (RiH): Level 9/6/1/1 Harpy Thief/Alchemist/Technician/Tinker
    • Seradal: Level 4/3/1/1 Estrei Pilot/Technician/Fighter/Physicist
  • Amhran (BiW): Level 9 Fey “Pucca” Cleric of Emedia (God of the Dead)
    • Clarence: Level 15 Four-armed Skeleton Gunner with Revolvers
    • Mazzur: Level 9 Dead Lord
    • Several Undead Estrei (aliens)

They proceed to the deck above, the main hangar, where they are mostly successful in moving stealthily to an elevator. Amhran in robot form makes some noise walking into a wall to distract a technician who heard Rathdar make the dash for it. All the other technicians on the deck shrug the exchange off, allowing Rathdar to pull the technician into the elevator before the doors close.

They threaten the technician into giving them the code to the elevator and head up to the highest deck it serves, ominously labeled as the garrison. The elevator opens up in the mess hall where they see dozens of the enemy seated at tables. Not wanting a fight of this magnitude, Rathdar teleports Amhran into their center and she sings her fey amulet song to put them all to sleep, as well as Bilbil who was on his way to the elevator that would go to the bridge. While Rathdar moves through the mess hall killing the sleeping aliens (Amhran and Mazzur animating a few of them), Seradal gets Bilbil up and they together determine from oil marks on the control screen and knowledge of Estrei culture that the code is one of two options. They convince Rathdar to leave one of the high ranking aliens alive and ask him if one of the options is correct. When he lies, Amhran’s earrings whistle, so they know the right code. They bring him along as a human shield and take the elevator to the bridge.

On the bridge, they open with Amhran allowing a dozen undead to swarm from her cloak, firing on officers and drawing fire. This return fire includes a spell that damages the first wave and those still in the elevator. Rathdar and Bilbil both move against the caster, the apparent captain, while Amhran’s undead continue to wash into the room, exchanging fire with the other officers. The captain, soon badly wounded, ups the power of his spells to levels that would instantly kill Rathdar if he were hit, but Rathdar evades the attacks and slays him with repeated divine blows. They soon control the bridge.

Rathdar ascends some stairs, finding the ship’s big gun there, and uses it to shoot down a couple of transports on their way away from the ship. Seradal and Bilbil set about getting access to the controls, which weren’t locked in the chaos, and start the mothership flying toward Devil’s Gate. Rathdar prays to Vardor to inform their allies that they have control of a mothership so they won’t be attacked and they spend the next week on the way fending off attempts to retake the bridge via the elevator shaft, ventilation shafts, and ship by the much diminished crew.

They arrive in Devil’s Gate, where adventurers help clear the rest of the ship and they learn that the crew of the Yuletide (including Rathdar’s grandfather Tiernan) having heard of their victory and not to be outdone, set off out toward the moon to take on a larger ship of which they have heard reports.

The mothership floor plans and descriptions are all available in Sentient Skies, which also includes stat blocks for the aliens and robots for 5e, as well as several other encounters to pave the way to the mothership and ship combat rules.

The Primordial Frontier Campaign is set in the Perenia world of the Tyranny of Mundanity and Stormguard campaigns, but in a future where the world is characterized by wild magic below a mile above sea level. Sea level is the new underdark, and, well, I don’t suspect we’ll be seeing the underdark at all.

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