Haven: Missing Boat

On June 13th, Year 6, Monday (regular readers will recall we play Saturday, but call it Monday so the PCs are adventuring on the Sabbath less often), Randall and his awakened ogre (not 5e) arrive in Citadel to help Gerald get a feel for society in the event he chooses to leave the grove. They meet up with some adventurers in Citadel House and head out to resolve a conflict between the orcs and goblins of Garim na Aguluk Sacra and the fishermen of Carrie.

  • Randall (HuS): Level 7 Human Druid
    • Oliver, Level 7 Fox Companion
    • Gerald, Awakened Ogre
  • Milo (EnS): Level 2 Halfling Musician
  • Lester (MiM): Level 1 Human Thief

The conflict seems to stem from the disappearance of on of the orc cult’s boats going missing on the lake. They have accused the fishermen of causing the disappearance and Peter, Branch President in Carrie, has asked Citadel House to find out why and resolve the matter.

They arrive in Carrie, and while Randall and Milo are occupied listening to rambling children, Lester finds a woman who tells him that they rarely see the cult on the water, and when they do it is out in the deep center of the lake where the fishermen don’t generally work. A couple people also remember seeing what looked like a river barge pass through the lake headed south a foggy morning a couple weeks before, a little before the accusations started.

With Peter and the other fishermen out on the lake already, they decide to go hear the cult’s side of the story, walking around the lake and wading across the river at its outlet (Gerald carries Milo). Near nightfall, they can see the spire of the weather shrine the cult operate from and approach, only to be stopped by a watchman near the clearing around the shrine grounds. The watchman is pretty easily convinced to fetch Skagrim, the leader who oversaw the cult’s activity on the lake. He agrees to show them where the boat disappeared in the morning and they camp near the clearing.

In the morning, they go with Skagrim to the edge of the lake. He tells them he flew over the lake and saw the missing boat tied off to one of the large floating plants, but when he made another pass a couple hours later it was gone. He refuses to tell them what they were doing tied off in the middle of the lake, but accuses the Carrie fishermen of knowing and trying to stop them.

Using their bird forms, Skagrim and Randall fly over the lake and Skagrim circles where he saw the boat. While Randall can see many of the large floating plants on the Lake, none remain in the immediate area. He flies down and lands on one at random, intending to ask it about the missing boat. As he transforms, it attacks, dragging him into the water with a powerful vine! His struggles prevent him from being pulled under too deep and he manages to splutter a command for the plant to stop.

He soon learns from the plant (Fiver) that it noticed the boat, but wasn’t directly involved with it. Randall commands it to bring him to other plants to find out if they know more about the boats.

Meanwhile, Skagrim flies back to the others and informs them Randall is being attacked. They pile into Skagrim’s canoe and launch out to save him. They join up on the way to the second floating plant, where Fiver manages to pull out some pieces of the missing boat from its vines. There are goblin bodies there as well and Randall commands the plant to drop them so they can be interred in the lake.

Skagrim is convinced that the plant took his missing boat and they return to the South shore and part ways. A few days later, an orc druid on his way to learn at Randall’s Grove passes through Citadel and delivers gifts of gratitude.

I’m preparing better now, so I can have better notes to share on locals, but frankly Randall’s abilities made this disappointing and the loot tables got them the boat fragments before anything cool, so they still have no idea what the possibilities with these lake plants are, or what the cult is after for that matter.

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