Haven: Assessing the Midnight Queen

Milo and his band have been singing songs about their journey to Hope in the souththeir journey to Hope in the south, including one emotional song about the beauty of the Midnight Queen river boat. On Monday, May 16th, Skromno Buidseach of Skromno’s Wonders and Amazements hires some adventurers, including Milo and his band, to escort one of his experts (Smeh Cogaidh) to the river boat and determine if it is worth salvaging.

  • Milo (EnS): Level 2 Halfling Musician (Trombone)
    • Joe Zobidoo, Level 0 Elf Musician (Piano/Composing)
    • Sariah “Smooth”, Level 0 Human Musician (Trumpet/Voice)
    • “Magic” Morgan, Level 0 Dwarf Musician (Bass/Voice)
  • Chiron (TrS): Level 2 Human Hunter
    • Tulzriryg, Riding Horse
  • Xander (KJW): Level 1 Halfling Thief
  • Lester (MiM): Level 1 Human Thief

Their way to the Midnight Queen is uneventful except for Sariah wrangling a wild horse in the middle of Monday night. Tuesday night, they camp near the shore within sight of the Midnight Queen.

As is their custom, Milo’s band plays through the night, one member in each watch. During Joe’s and Xander’s watch, a spurt of water passes close to Joe, stopping his music. While Joe looks for where it came from, another spurt extinguishes the campfire, throwing the whole camp into darkness. Joe shouts everyone awake but they can’t find what put out the fire and they return to bed.

During Morgan’s watch, similar events extinguish the fire and they respond more quickly. This time Chiron fires an arrow at a source of a spurt (critical hit even mostly blind!) and they hear no more of the enemy. In the morning, they find a large crab dead in the river with Chiron’s arrow in it.

Since none of them can swim, they decide to climb up the prow of the beached boat, pushing Chiron up so he can help pull others up. Once they are all on the deck, they peruse the rooms, finding some opulent features Smeh is impressed with, but seeing them fairly recently looted, they don’t bother to carefully search any of them.

With the doors down into the hold at the rear under water, they open the cargo hatch at the fore so Chiron, Milo, and Smeh can go in and look at the engines Smeh believes are down there (this is the real reason he was sent). By the light of Chiron’s lantern they can see that the hold is also mostly flooded and that crabs are emerging to rebuff them. Chiron fights while they withdraw, Smeh and Milo being pulled out before Chiron barely makes it out after killing two of them.

With crabs pouring out of the boat, they flee back to the North, thinking a stronger party will have to return to clear out the crabs if the Midnight Queen is going to be restored. They hurry back to the north and plan to camp after fording the river but see kobolds making camp on the far side. They address them from the middle of the river and learn they are Death’s Shadow cultists looking to ambush Rovert. Chiron feels they need to drive them off.

Chiron looses an arrow into the apparent leader and they charge, trying to get in range with their weaker bows. Chiron retreats and shoots from his horse while Milo and his band try to play music and retreat before just fleeing into the woods. The kobold leader dodges most of Chiron’s arrows, but as he gets ahead of the rest, they halfheartedly look into the woods before withdrawing. With the leader alone, Chiron continues to retreat until the leader’s rage subsides. With his rage gone, the leader tries to flee, realizes he can’t and stands up to Chiron, on horseback with a longer range bow, and is shot down. The other kobolds see their leader fall and howl at them before breaking camp and withdrawing into the woods.

The pushes on into the night hoping to get away from possible retaliation before making camp. The next day they arrive in the Vale, getting paid by Skromno and selling the wild horse. Chiron brings the cultist’s necklace to Rovert and he buys it from them.

The Midnight Queen is such an old fixture, I couldn’t find the original map! Still think it’s around, but I think I’ll need it again! I’m trying locals as a place to share my preparation notes along with play reports for supporters. Check them out there!

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