Vale-Ellizari Agreement

This agreement shall serve to solidify the peaceful coexistence that has emerged between the new people living in the Lake Vale (“the Vale”) and the West Hill March (“the March”), ruled by the Great Red Lady Ellizari (“her Ladyship”).

Temple of the God of Knowledge Travel

Kobolds and Lizardfolk shall be granted the right of travel on Vale roads and in Vale towns in that they might be able to go to and from the Temple of the God of Knowledge with ease and safety. There shall be no expectations for the Vale to harbor or house such traveler, nor for the pilgrims to surrender goods or services to the Vale.

Vale Travel in the West Hill March

Valefolk in groups with ten or fewer members shall be permitted to travel unhindered in the March. These groups are not expected to announce themselves or their intentions.

West Hill March Land Claims

Folk of the Vale shall perform no construction nor land clearing more than two miles east of their road through the hill country north of the Vale. Land east of this strip is considered to be under the rule of Ellizari and her ladyship shall approve all improvement thereof.

Re-establishing the Southwest Hill Fort

Ellizari’s folk shall be permitted to repair and garrison the fort northeast of the Vale on the edge of the hill country. This garrison shall interact peacefully with the Valefolk and is subject to future negotiation.

Alliance Against the Death’s Shadow Cult

The Vale shall inform Ellizari of activities of the Death’s Shadow Cult that they become aware of and shall prevent the cult from operating in Vale controlled lands.

Ellizari shall inform the Vale of any of the cult’s movements near the Vale when her Ladyship becomes aware of it.

Mutual Extradition

Fugitives from the March attempting to take sanctuary in the Vale who are suspected of crimes including: murder, theft, burglary, assault, battery, kidnapping, arson, and treason, to include plotting against her Ladyship, inciting riot and rebellion, and spreading misinformation concerning Ellizari’s decrees; shall be remanded into Ellizari’s custody should the Vale take possession of them.

The same courtesy shall be afforded to criminals fleeing justice in the Vale that are taken in the March.

Free Trade

No tariffs shall be established and no goods shall be banned from being traded between the March and the Vale.


The existence and terms of this agreement shall be kept confidential between Ellizari and the immediate members of her Ladyship’s court and the leaders of the Vale.

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