Haven: Bukur Fifette’s Art Gallery

On May 8th, Sunday, Gorg returns to Citadel House after months using his wagon as a guarded taxi service in the Vale and gnomish lands. On his last such trip, a few gnomes looking for missing gnomish adventurers hired his wagon to go follow their path. After picking through some ruins, they got uncomfortable with Union of Schek activity in the area and Gorg took them back to Rathad Oidhche. While in the ruins, Gorg spotted a clear puzzle door and goes to Citadel House to bring some friends to search behind it. They leave the next morning.

  • Q (TrS): Level 5 Human Thief
  • Gorg (HuS): Level 4 Orc Thief
  • Polly (MiM): Level 2 Dwarf Brawler
  • Milo (EnS): Level 2 Halfling Musician (Trombone)
    • Joe Zobidoo, Level 0 Elf Musician (Piano/Composing)
    • Sariah “Smooth”, Level 0 Human Musician (Trumpet/Voice)
    • “Magic” Morgan, Level 0 Dwarf Musician (Bass/Voice)

The wagon helps them to travel comfortably through sleet and heavy rain, arriving in the ruins near midday on Wednesday the 11th. The puzzle Gorg saw is something familiar to him from an elven laboratory (it’s Bukur Fifette’s puzzle door, get it free! Running it at a virtual table wasn’t actually too bad, with the players telling me what they wanted to try. Unfortunately a couple couldn’t see the shared screen.).  Milo leads the way to solving it while the others keep a lookout. With the Fifette Seal complete, the door beyond opens, a voice says “your manner makes you worthy.”FiffetteComplete

RollBeyond the door in a dark passage there are four statues lining either side and they suspect a trap. Polly rolls up in his special armor and tumbles down the passage, dodging attempts to hit him as the statues lash out. He crashes through a door at the far end. Q follows him, running and trying to keep his head down, but taking several hits from the statues as he goes. Milo is more cautious, crawling to keep low enough that they don’t land any blows. Gorg attempts to sneak through, but after being slapped by one statue faces it and realizes it expects him to match its pose. He does so and after a brief ritual with each of four statues on the left side, he receives an “F” brooch from the last.

Meanwhile, beyond the doors Polly crashed through, Q’s darksight amulet allows him to see that they’re in an art gallery of some kind. As he perusing the art, a ghost leaps out of one causing him to let out a yell. Moments later he hears scuttling and rushes back to the others, where Gorg is lighting up his lantern. The light of the lantern reveals a dozen creatures chasing Q, which he recognizes by the name pumpkin munchers.

QGorgDisappearMilo strikes up a protective tune on his trombone. Gorg and Q both get into hiding while Polly rushes forward missing with his right and hurting himself with his left. As Polly gets surrounded (Milo’s magic trombone, Brody, protects him from a lot of the damage), Q and Gorg spring their ambush, over-killing their targets. One gets a bite on Milo’s foot, but he continues to play despite his foot being mangled and Gorg shoots it off. With the enemy numbers down and Milo badly injured, Milo switches to a healing song that slowly restores his foot. The others have soon dispatched the rest of the varmints and Milo continues to play until they’ve all healed, leaving them a little drained, but feeling safe.

With Gorg’s lantern, they proceed through the gallery looking for where the pumpkin munchers came from. The paintings they pass are clearly the work of a master, though one who seemed to vary between idyllic scenery and horrifying abstraction. They soon find a stone grate that when moved reveals a goblet creating fresh air that fails to drive the scent of excrement from the place. Nearby they find where they dug into the gallery and Q crawls down, finding no more of them before the unsanitary nature of the place drives him back.

Searching the rest of the gallery, they end up turning their attention to one painting in particular where the master’s technique is clearly there, but the colors are garishly wrong. Using anti-paints from a nearby painting station, Q fixes the painting and opens a secret door behind it. It leads to a laboratory, a classroom, and the owner’s personal studio and quarters (which are painted in a bizarre conglomerate of beautiful scenery and horrific imagery). Searching the rooms, they come up with some special materials, an unusual key, and some money.

They load all the paintings that can move into Gorg’s wagon and make their way home, again protected from a hail storm that catches them Friday evening. They sell most of the goods found to Skromno Buidseach, the owner of Skromno’s Wonders and Amazements, an auction house recently opened in Wraeville, for 505 gold coins. Q uses some of his share to keep the Molva Metal shavings.

An extra session this week to get HuS in with his Saturday job. A good old puzzle dungeon crawl. Expect another Haven session soon!

I’m testing out locals.com where I will be posting locked posts with links to my prep for at least Haven sessions. Not sure how it will work out, but if you want to support, that’s what I’m trying for now.ukiervefcbgjevhltgdkgjkrgjndruicjultejbcnftbldlnvledfnjedvilujkl

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