Raglan’s Journal Epilogue

And so it was that Anduin Damian and his companions saved Callaecia both from the war between House Damian and House Grey and from Tiamat’s inter-planar invasion. The companions returned to House Damian, where Anduin recovered from his loss of blood and Raglan’s Hero’s Journal, a chronicle of the heroic deeds, was copied by Damian scribes to be distributed throughout the lands.

Raglan, burned out from war and constant magical travel, departed House Damian to follow the road he and his companions first took to the North lands.  The long journey on foot did him good, resting his mind from the warrior rage and eldritch knowledge that had carried him through the war. He arrived at the site of the battle with Tiamat feeling more at peace than ever and there began to aide the elves and dwarves, brought by Tiamat’s servants, to make a place for themselves. He documented their culture and history and they were soon thriving.

Meanwhile, in Callaecia, Anduin set about negotiating a lasting piece in the kingdom, enticing Houses Damian and Grey to accept a unifying king outside both their houses. Juniper, presumably immortal and impartial, was crowned Queen of Callaecia by Anduin, who then departed to seek knowledge and power across lands and planes.

In her first acts as Queen, Juniper stripped House Grey of their titles, having no heir. She also travelled to the North and bestowed the title of Lord Raglan Palax of Callaecia on Raglan, making him the Marquis of the North. In the North, Raglan established a library where the mages of the college required initiates to study for a time in their tenure. There, on the site of Tiamat’s destruction, Raglan erected a shrine to the god who saved Anduin.

Raglan was the first to perish, having lived to the age of a man. Juniper had a monument made in his honor to stand before the college. On it was written words from the first entry in Raglan’s Hero’s Journal: “we don’t know what will await us, but our mission is imperative.”

Juniper lived eternally, ruling the kingdom in peace. Anduin found Invern and they became companions. Legends of Anduin the dragon spread far and wide and his end was never known.

These journal entries for ByW’s campaign have finally come to an end. They have alternated with the Tyranny of Mundanity campaign and now the Primordial Frontier campaign. Raglan took it upon himself to chronicle their adventure and this is how it ends.

Primordial Frontier continues, and BiW will be DMing for the first time to take this campaign’s place in the rotation. My character, Jex, doesn’t have the same chronicling ambitions as Raglan did, but he will keep a log of his path to repentance.

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