Raglan’s Journal 38

In just a few days we brought an end to the war in the heartland. The clone of the king ordered the Grey troops to withdraw and opportunistically turn upon the astrite golems. We, Anduin, Juniper, and I, teleported to hot spots all along the front, flying and firing astrite arrows to destroy the astrite golems there. With the mages restored to the college and our forces retaking territory unopposed, we sought mages to empower us for one final task.

Hasted and with scrying intelligence concerning the dragonborne sorcerer’s location, we teleported right to him and I was about to slay him by the strength of my arm when he sacrificed himself to open the Tiamat portal! Massive dragon heads, first green and black, and then the others, passed through. I flew to them, cutting mightily and giving as good as I got, but it was clear I would not be able to defeat Tiamat alone.

As other dragons emerged from the portal to fight beside Tiamat, Anduin cast quickened Wish to wish for Tiamat to be possible to defeat and produced the Blood Wand of Inexhaustible Magic. Suddenly the air around me was filled with the force of hundreds of magical missiles. Tiamat and her dragons were completely obliterated, but Anduin had spent all of his royal blood in the attack. I couldn’t heal him with all the bardic and eldrich knowledge my studies had produced and already my strength had failed him. It was Basil who brought him back through the power of divinity, saving his life.

Little dared to threaten us after Tiamat’s destruction and soon Invern appeared, bringing with him an astrite encased Hapi, god of dragons. Exhausted and possibly devoid of his normally excellent judgement, Anduin deigned to have the Hapi, long time enemy of his family, freed from his prison. We had saved our realm from the dragon gods, but how long until Hapi returns with the same intent.

These journal entries are going to be in-character play reports from ByW’s campaign, which we alternated playing with the Tyranny of Mundanity campaign and now the Primordial Frontier campaign. My character, Raglan “the Light”, admires RiH’s character, Anduin Damian and follows him believing his place in history will be as a companion of the royal adventurer. He is impressed with their elven companion, Juniper (played by BiW), but does not know her well.

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