Haven: Attack on Rovert’s Tower

On April 9th, Year 6, a Saturday, Stephen is keeping an eye out for the construction workers returning from Rovert’s tower as usual when he sees them come into the city harried and wounded. When he approaches them, they report being attacked by undead on the Nefil Road just east of Moaning Hill as they returned from the tower. On the 11th, Monday, they aren’t willing to return to work on the tower and Stephen sets out to inform Rovert on their behalf. He arrives at the tower to find a large undead force camped on the road above it. He has to scramble down the cliff to sneak in and warn the others:

  • Rovert (TrS): Level 15 Human Necromancer
    • Sidriss, Level 6 Black Dragon-Infused Lizardfolk Monk Henchman
    • Dohasan, Level 4 Centaur Druid Henchman
    • Drej, Level 5 Psuedodragon Familiar
    • Elf-eater Skeleton
    • Zengiff, Talking Rock
    • 10 ogre skeletons
    • 2 hill giant skeletons
    • 2 spectator wraiths
    • various other undead
  • Conan (MiM): Level 10 Elf Vampire Magic-user
    • Skar, Level 6 Hawk Familiar
  • Stephen (EnS): Level 7 Human Thief
    • Animus, Level 1 Hawk Companion

With Stephen’s rough report of the undead horde amassed on the road to the west, they send out Drej and Skar to scout out the enemy forces. They discover the numbers and kinds of undead (zombies with lots of giants, some larger than Rovert’s giant undead) as well as a second, larger army on the east side of the gorge where the tower stands. Also on the east, they see a deep pocket of shadow they assume is hiding something.RovertsTower

Rovert is not unprepared for this situation and calls Dohasan to bring all of the undead suborning mushroom spores he has been cultivating from samples taken from Sinsith’s tomb. They split the spores into three sizable packages and Conan (in bat form), Drej, and Skar fly out and drop them on some of the larger giant undead. This causes some significant commotion, but the enemy responds in kind! Two giants on the east and a giant on the west start throwing packages of their own spores, these more sophisticated than Dohasan’s and able to affect skeletons.

The first volley misses, so they have time to respond and do so by having Skar and Drej go out with bombs (Stephen bought some before coming) to drop on the spore stockpiles, hoping to infect the throwers. Skar succeeds, but Drej misses his target. In the tower, Conan uses wind magic to drive a couple of the spore bombs off target and Stephen uses flame encharged crossbow bolts to set off the western stockpile. With his mostly skeletal undead infected and fighting each other in the courtyard below, Rovert casts a fireball to clear the spores from them.

With their first effort stymied, the enemy charges, mostly zombies with some skeletons and ogre skeletons and maulers mixed in. Some of the ogre skeletons have rams and Rovert commands his spectator wraiths to target them with slowing and petrification rays while he summons some specters to engage the large force. He sends 5 of his ogre skeletons to the front door on the west and keeps 5 and his two giants in the back to fend off the larger force from the east. Stephen spies a giant on the eastern ridge and commands it with one of Rovert’s dead lord staffs to go attack the dragon in the shadow. It obeys!

The 5 ogres on the front roll well and end up sallying out onto the courtyard bridge while Conan defends the tower bridge, first making it slippery with a cold prismatic stone and then fireballing the many enemies gathered behind it.

In the rear, the defense doesn’t roll quite so well and though Stephen uses a fireball crossbow bolt to thin the enemy ranks, they manage to batter through the quarry gate and make it into the courtyard to engage the ogre and giant skeletons there. With the fighting in the courtyard, another horn sounds and the next wave attacks: giant undead thundering down both slopes, four on the west and eight on the east (taking it slow on the west where no breach was made) accompanied by lizardfolk necromancers (two on the west and three on the east) and swarms of undead bats overhead.

Stephen uses to the staff again to command the largest giant on the east to attack other giants, then shoots down the three swarms with fireball bolts. Drej also drops an undead wilding root looted from an Ar-a-mach witch on another large giant on the east side. On the west side, Rovert has a death beam shoot out with the lizardfolk there and is able to kill both of them with relatively little damage to himself due to the cover of the tower. Conan puts a couple fireballs into the giants and lizardfolk there as well, but both are forced to withdraw from that front as the undead giants arrive and thrust massive spears through the windows.

In the rear (the east), Rovert’s force is engaged with a superior force at roughly even numbers, but the necromancers on that side have taken shelter behind the courtyard wall and are healing their undead. Rovert does the same, focusing on keeping his three remaining ogres on that front from going down. Stephen, now with his rifle out, manages to snipe one of the necromancers, badly wounding him, and Drej finishes him with a fire breath potion breath attack. Conan starts casting wild fire, targeting the giant nearest the necromancers and succeeding in chaining it onto them, killing them both and helping to bring down that giant, evening the field significantly. Stephen uses a fireball crossbow bolt (two left of the ten Rovert encharged before the battle with almost half his spell points) to even up a wrestling match between the root maddened giant and another.

It is then they see, in the dimming sunset light, a shadow rise up from the forest on the east ridge. A fifty-foot-long dragon descends toward the tower. Verzelai (Rovert’s dragon soul sword) calls out to him to draw him and thrust him into a shadow and when he does, great blades spring forth from shadows in the western tower to cut at the arms of the giants attacking there and from shadows in the east courtyard, quickly felling the remaining enemy there, freeing them up to fight this dragon that frightened Verzelai so.

The dragon dives toward the tower, a lizardfolk rider on its back, and they unleash all the spells they have time for before its death breath badly wounds Rovert and nearly slays Stephen. Stephen, seeing the dragon badly wounded and panicked, shoots his last fireball crossbow bolt into the rider, dropping the dragon which crashes into the tower and falls into the courtyard.

The rider casts a spell, further wounding Rovert, and then we entered normal initiative. Seeing that the rider (winged and flying where the dragon had been) won the initiative, Rovert triggers his stronghold action to stop time for a round and exhausts his remaining spell points putting death beams into the enemy. Time returns and the flying lizardfolk, suddenly wounded without explanation, flees. Though Conan hits him with a fire gout, Stephen shoots him with the rifle, and Rovert hits him with Verzelai’s shadow blade, he escapes looking healthy enough that Stephen doesn’t waste any more rounds.

They all rest a moment before realizing that Sidriss and Dohasan were fighting tunneling drake undead in the cellar. They find them wounded but successful there. It is night and Drej and Skar are able to determine that the remaining enemy are withdrawing. They retire and rest from their wounds and significant spell point usage. In the morning, Rovert is pleased to replace his three fallen ogre skeletons with two dead lords, three wights, and a dragon shadow stalker.

They split the loot and all level up.

This large siege went really well. TrS has been aware that he would have to defend his tower at sometime, but didn’t expect it to be undead from the cult of Death’s Shadow, from which Sidriss left to join him. He has also been hoping to get some necromancers he could animate to have his own dead lords. He got his wish this time.

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