Haven: The Piled Dead

Monday, March 21st, Year 5, a handful of adventurers head into Satyr lands pursuing an unusual story of an undead in the Satyr heartland. The satyrs almost never see undead in their lands, with Schek Degrik (keepers of goblin necromancy) valuing a relationship with the satyrs and the satyr lands far from other origins of undead. A mighty band sets forth into their lands, asking their way to where the trouble is:

  • Ragnvaldr (TrS): Level 7 Human Fighter
    • Neville, Level 2 Toad Familiar
    • Subdued Owlbear
  • Rowan (MiM): Level 7 Elf Magic-user
    • Pebble, Level 2 Cat Familiar
  • Stephen (EnS): Level 6 Human Thief
    • Animus, Level 1 Hawk Companion

Stephen, using his broken Satyr (and elvish when possible), gets good information from the satyrs along the way and they make good time through satyr lands, making their way to an area where they heard (primarily from Mark) a tower full of cockroach men had been causing the satyrs problems. They discuss the possibility of going directly to the tower.

SaveSatyrOn Wednesday, as they near the area, they see a zombie stumble into the brush off the road ahead and ambush it, killing it easily. Stephen tracks the zombie back the way it came and they soon come upon a satyr, unconscious and zombie bitten in the underbrush. Rowan heals him back to consciousness, but he is still tight jawed and unable to speak or move. Ragnvaldr slings him over his shoulder and they continue on the zombie path.

In another hour or so, they smell a putrid stench of rotting flesh and deviate from the zombie’s path follow it to the south. They soon come upon a wide track of damaged trees and brush littered with viscera and bone fragments.  They follow, soon seeing the mass of dead bodies (a corpse mound from Tome of Beasts) oozing ahead of them.

RagGruRagnvaldr eagerly runs forward to lay into it with his Divine Blow while Stephen takes Sneak Strikes and Rowan encharges a life-burst bolt. Despite doing great damage, Ragnvaldr is soon struck down and grabbed, the pile of corpses threatening to absorb him. Stephen is forced to run forward and force-feed him a potion so they can both escape the clutches of the creature.

While zombies surround Ragnvaldr and he tries to stay out of the corpse mound’s reach, Rowan fires his encharged bolt, damaging the mound, healing Ragnvaldr, and dropping the nearby zombies. Stephen finishes a last zombie and Ragnvaldr finishes the mound.

GiftsWith the mission accomplished, the recovering  satyr insists they accompany them to his home to stay the night and receive gifts. Ragnvaldr receives a bedroll that feels like a feather blanket, to make up for the strain on his back from carrying the satyr. Stephen receives a deer call that summons deer from nearby, the satyr having witnessed his woodsmanship. Rowan receives a scroll of pleasant aroma, for keeping his distance from the smelly mound during the fight.

I take the profusion of memes the boys produce during sessions as a sign they’re having fun. Also, probably a coping mechanism for Ragnvaldr’s near death this time. I hope you enjoy them.

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2 Responses to Haven: The Piled Dead

  1. Trevor says:

    You forgot Neville in the characters

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