Haven: The Marching Band

Monday, March 14th, Year 5, several musicians, including a complete jazz band, pass through the portal to the Vale:

  • Milo (EnS): Level 1 Halfling Musician (Trombone)
    • Joe Zobidoo, Level 0 Elf Musician (Piano/Composing)
    • Sariah “Smooth”, Level 0 Human Musician (Trumpet/Voice)
    • “Magic” Morgan, Level 0 Dwarf Musician (Bass/Voice)
  • Trevor (TrS): Level 1 Human Musician (Violin)

They quickly decide to head to the south down river in search of Zebedee and the families who went with him to move nearer the ocean and hopefully find a way home. Matthias hasn’t heard from them since winter and is concerned they are in danger. The musicians all set out with Simon, one of the few people to travel to the south, as their guide.

As they go, the musicians insists on playing a jaunty traveling tune despite Simon’s warnings that fey frequent the nearby woods. They become aware of some fairies following them and keep playing along, happy to have the fairies singing along in an alien tone and tongue.

At nightfall, they camp, keeping a gentle song running through the night with one musician awake at all times. On Joe’s watch, the fairy song convinces him to wake up Morgan and together they follow their singing. Milo and Trevor wake up when the music stops and follow them. When Joe and Morgan seem convinced to walk into the nearby river, they try to pull them back, eventually using Joe’s and Morgan’s favorite songs to shake them out of it.

On Trevor’s watch near morning, a phase sprite arrives and tries to steal his violin, but they pursue and manage to guilt him into returning the violin and leaving a knot off his body in penitence.

They break camp and continue south, passing the Midnight Queen (an elven boat run aground in the river) on Simon’s recommendation that they not camp near it, based on his previous experience doing so. This night passes uneventfully and in the morning they set out to press on to the shore before nightfall. On the way, they are attacked by animated skeletons of lizard creatures, some small and some large.

They handle these battles well enough, with the band playing supporting music while Milo, Trevor, Simon, and his wolf do the fighting. The skeletons are unusual to them, but they learn from Simon that the land does have large drakes (though not bipedal so far) and that the lizardfolk are known to raise the dead.

When they arrive at the village (Hope) they find it walled with log palisades and a field of bones all around it where it nestles against the sea. They are warmly welcomed and informed that skeletons have been attacking their city and they have had to stop going out fishing to keep sufficient defenders in the village day and night.

The band settles in for the night in an empty home, but during the night they hear the call to defend the walls. They rush to the battlements and while Milo’s band plays a rallying song for the defenders, Milo, Trevor, and Simon defend the walls, fighting off a large skeleton with an undead lizardfollk rider. Only a couple of defenders fall before they manage to wipe out the onslaught of skeleton creatures and Milo, Trevor, and Simon pursue the fleeing Dead Lord and cut it down. As it falls, the skeletons in the woods ahead also crumble, signalling that they have put an end to the danger.

They plays some celebratory music in hope in the morning and set out again to return to Citadel, playing their music a little more carefully and arriving home safely. Trevor and Milo level up.

This session was definitely somewhat unique. Lots of role playing and musical fun, much to EnS’s enjoyment. I’m very interested in how these characters will play out in the future. It was certainly a nice change of pace from the gritty realism, while still having serious threats.

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