Haven: Dragons in the Snow

On January 18th, Rowan and Ragnvaldr, finding that for the third week in a row other adventurers are busy, are considering a return to Wraecliff’s castle to continue mapping his demesne when a satyr bursts into Citadel House raving about dragons in the West Vale.

  • Rowan (MiM): Level 7 Elf Magic-user
  • Ragnvaldr (TrS): Level 6 Human Fighter
    • Subdued Owlbear

They decide to go check it out, thinking it’s probably just drakes, and the Dragon Empire ambassador insists on coming along to confirm that it isn’t dragons. They’ve never known him to fight, but allow him to come along. (This was an excuse to help them recognize opportunities to harvest monster parts.)

They follow the satyr’s running tracks out into the snowy field from Timberford and eventually reach a point where his tracks are frantic and evasive and blood is on the snow. They see no sign of the dragons that attacked him in the surrounding snow. As they continue into the snow, they are ambushed by a dozen icy drakes. (2d6=12, of course, for a challenging battle instead of an easy one.)

The drakes do significant damage to the owlbear, the ambassador, and Rowan, but Ragnvaldr manages to protect them all enough to keep them up. Rowan heals them all and the ambassador helps them harvest the eyes, which he says can be used for potions, like for seeing underwater. He figures these were all fledgling drakes and that a mother drake is out there. He decides to return to Citadel, but tells them to remember the mother’s eyes and the frozen gems in its stomach.

As they hike blindly though the snow, the mother ambushes them, wounding Rowan severely before they can respond. With Rowan using Greater Casting to pump up his spells and Ragnvaldr hitting hard with his hammer, they soon bring the mother drake down, though she summons up a micro-blizzard in a last act of desperation.

They escape the storm and return, managing to extract one eye and several squishy, blue gems from the stomach (not a pleasant surgery). They return to Citadel, where the ambassador gives them most of the eyes he took and explains that the blue gems are about a week of food each compressed in 1 pound gems.

They out the gems into the Citadel House storage and take the eyes to Jared the alchemist, asking him to turn them into water-seeing potions for them. Rowan levels up.

TrS remembered something a goblin bard had said, that Gibby had thrown a chest of Garim artifacts into the river, and rather than sell the eyes to Jared looked forward to getting a potion they could use to find that chest.

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