Primordial Frontier S21: Suicide Mission

With Devil’s Gate in flames and on the run, the crew of Yuletide have volunteered to try to slow down the massive ship bearing down on it. After a brief discussion over whether or not they can find a better pilot, they decide to try to rush through the cloud of ships around the big ship and target the big weapon on the top of the enemy ship.

  • Captain Saoirse (BiW): Level 11 Psionic Ospryte Thief
    • Various pilots, gunners, and systems operators
  • Tiernan (ByW): Level 11 Human Dragon Slayer
  • B4-R311 (RiH): Level 11? War Facsimile

The Yuletide’s pilot weaves through the enemy fighters with anti-ship guns on the mothership firing on them and despite some incredibly maneuvers, they take a few shots, one direct hit destroying their starboard gunner station. The pilot can’t line up a shot with their main cannon without taking heavier damage, but their catapult launches Tiernan and his commandos (with the last of their bombs) to the big gun and they deal quite a bit of damage. B4-R311 also fires on the big gun with his artillery, scoring it deeply.

They take some more fire while positioning to launch Tiernan again (but not the commandos), but the catapult operator misses! The big gun fires on Devil’s Gate, and Tiernan (a master of aerial maneuvering) manages to steer himself into the path of the shot with Body Shield and Soften Fall, taking extreme damage that burns his mithril armor (and his Yuletide teleport retrieval token!) away. He strikes back and with a mighty blow shatters the big gun, which explodes, destroying the Yuletide’s port gun and killing Tiernan outright.

A commando throws a teleport token to Soairse and she shoots it into Tiernan with a psigun and they teleport his body back while the Yuletide pilot flees, taking shots that destroying the boarder catapult. Seeing the ship in bad shape, B4-R311 lets out a surge of repairing energy that stabilizes the ship puts all stations close to working order. They break off away from the mothership and soon get out of range of its guns and leave behind fighters not willing to pursue further as gun stations and B4-R311 pound them and the pilot out-flies them.

They return to Devil’s Gate, now gaining distance on the mothership and successfully broken off, where they find the robotic forces defeated and the alien ships destroyed. Though the city’s healers are very busy, Tiernan is moved to the front of the line and resurrected with an early batch of dead who choose to accept it.

The Primordial Frontier Campaign is set in the Perenia world of the Tyranny of Mundanity and Stormguard campaigns, but in a future where the world is characterized by wild magic below a mile above sea level. Sea level is the new underdark, and, well, I don’t suspect we’ll be seeing the underdark at all.

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