Haven: Werewolf Hunters

On December 14th, Year 5, Citadel House receives word that Jethro, a Confluence hunter, returned wounded from the woods after being attacked by a large animal on the 12th. On the 13th in the morning, though, it was found that he was missing an a large animal had wreaked havoc in his house.

  • Mark (JaH): Level 5 Halfling Thief
  • Ragnvaldr (TrS): Level 5 Human Fighter

They arrive in Confluence and go to Jethro’s house. A brief investigation shows that the damage to the cottage is all from the inside and they become suspicious that Jethro himself did the damage. They set out tracking him, Mark easily able to keep his trail.

Near nightfall they hear someone calling in the forest more or less ahead. It’s Jethro, they provide him a blanket and invite him to share their camp. He tells them how he woke up in the woods the day before and before he could find his way back to Confluence had to make camp and again woke somewhere different. He is in bad shape from two days alone and naked in the woods, but better than it could have been.

They keep an eye on him while keeping their normal watches. Shortly after Ragnvaldr notes the rising of the moon early in his watch, Jethro starts to transform and Ragnvaldr knocks him unconscious and they bind him, now a wolf-like creature. He remains unconscious through the night and in the morning they start back toward Confluence. Jethro eventually changes back and shortly after that wakes up with Ragnvaldr carrying him. Together they head to Citadel where they have Agon use his magical book to learn a cure for Jethro’s affliction. They darken a room for Jethro and keep him safe through the night.

In the morning, they wait for the moon to set before setting out to Aithreachas with Jethro (Jared doesn’t have the wolfsbane needed for the cure). In Aithreachas they have the cure made, getting a second dose for the werewolf who bit Jethro as well and learning that this affliction is known primarily among the orcs and goblins. They administer the cure to Jethro (it has to be done in his wolf form, so they wait for moon rise).

In the morning, they return to Confluence with Jethro. There was some sleet in the night, but before they reach Confluence heavy snow starts. Jethro offers to show them to where the werewolf attacked him to they can track it back, but with the snow, they find no trail. They head North anyway and eventually notice a smell of smoke out in the snowy woods. They make their way to it and find a cottage standing alone, surrounded with pit traps.

It is nearly night, but they carefully approach and knock. The answer comes in orcish, but they manage to go back and forth, Ragnvaldr and the voice inside, both in broken elvish. They convince Helsmere they have a cure for his affliction with some pictures in a note and he comes out, revealing himself to be a hobgoblins (half orc, half goblin). The moon is not up, but he wills himself into wolf form, immediately attacking. Ragnvaldr hits him, but he doesn’t go down. Mark has already crept behind and succeeds with Incapacitate. They administer the potion and Helsmere turns back.

They wake Helsmere up and he invites them inside to see if it works when the moon comes up in a few hours. They play an orcish stone game for a while and when the cure has apparently worked, Helsmere thanks them profusely and they all sleep.

In the morning, they return to Citadel having made a friend. Mark levels up.

I had totally prepped Helsmere for combat and loot. This solution was awesome, but they made a friend instead of making money. I’m going to have to make that friend worth the trade.

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