Biweekly Item-Arcane Enzymes

Arcane Enzyme
Potion, uncommon
When you drink this potion, for 1 hour all of your spells do 1d6 additional damage to the target, whether or not the spell is intended to do damage. The DM chooses the type of damage or determines it randomly from the options below.

d10 Damage Type d10 Damage Type
1 Acid 6 Necrotic
2 Cold 7 Poison
3 Fire 8 Psychic
4 Force 9 Radiant
5 Lightning 10 Thunder

Another idea from RiH, a player in the Raglan and the Primordial Frontier campaigns. He described it for Mind Weave, where it would add a DoP rather than a d6 of damage, so the options also include adding AoE, range, light, dark, cubic feet of earth and water, and probably some I’m forgetting.

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