Haven: Safe Woods

On December 7th, Year 5, a couple of Citadel House adventurers answer Earl Wraecliff’s call for adventurers to thoroughly explore his Demesne. He wants to prevent any other unexpected discoveries in it, like the gnomish shack with the trapped fey lord.

  • Rowan (MiM): Level 5 Elf Magic-user
  • Ragnvaldr (TrS): Level 4 Human Fighter

He presents them his map of the proposed scouting area and requests a thorough exploration. The southwestern quarter and most of the western quarter is already well known, being the open plains of the Vale. They decide that in the next 5 days or so they can, by zigzagging in courses about 100 yards apart, explore 12 square miles of it, comprising about an eighth. They select the eighth in the northeast, woods bordering the Vale and hunted somewhat frequently, and set out.IMG_20191207_172505 (1)

In the five days they fight Bile Drakes, Direblooms, a Frima’Uit in the South Confluence River, an ogre making a makeshift shelter, several large spiders, two Predator Ash. All of this proves to be little threat to them, the Frima’Uit only nearly drowning Ragnvaldr and soaking his gambeson and the ogre only nearly striking Ragnvaldr with a thrown log (he made quite a dodge).

On their final track back to the castle, Rowan notices something following them. It notices him noticing and hides, fleeing when Ragnvaldr charges. It’s dark, but it is halfling sized and covered in wiry, matted fur. It flees, too fast for them to pursue and seems to make for the east.

Wraecliff is happy to hear their reports of the area and adds details of the springs, steams, tracks, and hazards they report to his map of the area. He pays them 12 gold coins (1 gold coin per square mile mapped). They both level up.

This was definitely the least eventful region of Wraecliff’s Demesne, but it still proved very fruitful in XP and coin for low level adventurers. As they make their way further east in future explorations, things will certainly become more interesting.

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