Haven: Cleaning out the Roach Motel

Having assaulted an old Elven tower on Wednesday, November 18th, Year 5, Rovert, Conan, and Mark camp the night nearby with Drej and the undead on watch, there iss some rumbling and a statue on the top of the tower descends into it and appears again. They spend Thursday morning resting and Osiris joins them. Conan goes back to a nearby satyr village and heads back ahead of them:

  • Rovert (TrS): Level 13 Human Necromancer
    • Drej, Level 5 Psuedodragon Familiar
    • Zengiff, Talking Rock
    • Skeletal Elf Eater, Level 5 Skeleton
    • 2 Spectator Wraiths, Level 8 Wraiths
  • Osiris (CoB): Level 6 Elf Magic-user
  • Mark (JaH): Level 5 Halfling Thief

Thursday afternoon, they attack the tower again.  Mark stealthily handles the couple Roachlings that have moved into the hovels outside again and then they rush under arrow fire to the door, finding that the inner door is barricaded with furniture. They manage to break through and into the great hall where the enemy have cut new murder holes in the ceiling and a archer shoots from the loop to the side. In the room itself, they confront a fighter and a roachling that detonates itself with a worn bomb that damages the floor enough to see cracks into a space below, the cellar explored the day before. Mark soon picks the next lock and the cut down the last defender on this level.

After clearing the ground level completely, they approach the stairs, where the statues flanking them force them to leave their food behind along with the wolf on the ground floor. They decide to descend first and soon come to a room with four stone sarcophagi and a stone door, all infused with similar, natural magic: travel, detection, wind (indirect). Rovert casts his stone sight spell on Drej and he sees through the stone to find that the sarcophagi seem to empty and they open a couple to confirm.

Basement Levels

I’d love to share the full dungeon map soon, but they missed so much.

Through the door, they find a laboratory covered with grime. Just when they notice that Osiris is missing, the grime attacks, Black Puddings! When Mark feels the sting of acid from fighting up close, sees his daggers degrading, and takes a hit, he decides to keep his distance while Rovert and the two wraiths battle the puddings, eventually burning them away. They find nothing of value in the room and head back through the door to find Osiris in a sarcophagus, sleeping. When the door closes behind them, Mark also disappears into a sarcophagus. They get them both out and head down to the next floor, where they find a lab with a dozen roachlings that Osiris’ bracelet allows them to understand are making stimulants for the soldiers. They make quick work of them, but the last alchemist, higher level, uses some of the pills and potions and explodes when killed.

At this point, Mark wants to head back to Citadel and Rovert is tired of dealing with roaches. They return to the center of tower and Rovert casts a massive, hollow, AoE intended to wipe out whatever remains. They then climb the tower to the levels above, finding landings with no floor before coming out on what they believe is the top floor. It is another lab where the inhabitants were mixing some unknown substances that Jared later explains to be a fey substance (maybe blood) that acts as a carrier for humanoids to interact with other substances, an ancient, monstrous creature’s secretions, and a mixture of the two that is life-extending, but probably mutating.

ToxfelThey spend some time figuring out how to manipulate the gears that allow the central column of stairs to be raised and lowered and find their way onto the second floor (below the top floor) where they find the archers who have plagued their every approach and take the best of their weapons. They find a makeshift dumbwaiter in a chimney and a long abandoned lab with a door near the back, when they open the door (Mark picks the lock), an oozing creature attacks, grabbing Rovert and dealing a great deal of damage. Mark manages to pull Rovert free and they close the door.

It doesn’t open it again until Rovert casts a fireball inside the room, using the soa syllable to pass through the wall. At that point it attacks, chasing them from the second floor where they quickly ascend and turn the stairs to close off the second floor again. Considering that too close a call, they head back to Citadel. Osiris levels up.

The massive death burst was unexpected, destroyed some very nice mushrooms, killed a lot of the surrounding brush, and somewhat frightened the satyrs and fey in the area. What’s more, it is going to greatly change the behavior of the survivors…

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