Haven: Cave of Eyes

On November 9th, Year 5, a party of Citadel House Adventurers decides to make one final pass that the shaft tomb near satyr lands. Most of them have been there before once or twice:

  • Rovert (TrS): Level 13 Human Necromancer
    • Drej, Level 5 Psuedodragon Familiar
    • Zengiff, Talking Rock
    • Skeletal Elf Eater, Level 5 Skeleton
  • Stephen (EnS): Level 4 Human Thief
    • Animus, Level 1 Hawk Animal Companion
  • Mark (JaH): Level 4 Halfling Thief
  • Carl “Sir Mage-a-lot” Shivenleaf (CoS): Level 1 Elf Magic-user (Mind and Illusion)

They arrive at the tomb near sunset and immediately enter, killing a handful of giant rats that have returned to the entry level, clearing out a room of brown bold they had previously left, and burning the single giant spider remaining in the shaft below. Rovert teleports them to the bottom of the shaft.

Once there, they soon notice a small ledge above them that they couldn’t see from above and Rovert teleports them up there instead (bats swarming out into the night nearly interrupt his spell). It is a small living quarters with a wood burning stove, empty pots, and a skeleton lying in on corner. A painting made with ash and maybe blood on the South wall proves hard for them to look at and continued attempts to investigate it eventually drive Stephen, Mark, and Carl from the room. Rovert’s Resolute Ring allows him to stay in the room, but he still can’t look directly at it until he casts a will enhancing spell on himself. He finds it to be disturbing and horrific, clearly the work of madman, but not magical in nature.

While the others trickle back into the room, Rovert removes a loose stone to find the dead lizardfolk’s journal. It too strains his mind to read, the ravings of a man going mad, but he quickly skims it, learning that he was left here as a security against something the builders of the tomb had awakened below.IMG_20191111_060355

Unperturbed, they descend again via teleport and seeing that the north crevice opens up after only a short way send Drej ahead with the lantern that direction. He comes out into a chamber cut from the stone in a fashion very different from the tomb above. There Drej sees a white cornean crawler that fires a ray at him, putting him to sleep. He falls and damages the lantern.CorneanCrawler

Sensing his familiar falling unconscious, Rovert rushes forward and he and Mark soon slay the crawler. Rovert shakes Drej awake and magically repairs the lantern and they search the room, finding pewter statues with eye gems that Stephen and Mark use Infiltrator’s Intuition to look away from, one causes Carl terror, but Rovert is unaffected by his and stops him from fleeing.

Following another crevice out of the far end of the long room, they come a split and send Mark ahead to scout. Down the west crevice, he finds three ghost rats with several other giant rats around them and returns to inform the others before searching other passages, peeking in on more cornean crawlers down them (pink, orange, yellow, and blue).

Meanwhile, Rovert approaches the ghost rats and releases one of them, Carl attempts to fire a crossbow at a giant rat but the bolt explodes in his face and Stephen misses his shot. The rats respond by attacking Rovert and Stephen, then possessing both of them. While Stephen attacks Rovert, Rovert turns and tries to grab Carl (who had used his sleep wand to put the 6 giant rats to sleep), who uses his mind magic to help Rovert shake the possession, though his magic is inefficient for that purpose.

As Mark arrives, Rovert breaks free and releases another ghost rat and Mark runs to the other, striking with his deathbane sword to some good effect. They soon finish the last ghost and set about dispatching the sleeping rats. Wounded and tired, they withdraw to the level above to rest for the night.

Well rested, they descend again and follow the same path, but walk in on three cornean crawlers (1 white, 2 purple) in the chamber where the rat ghosts had been. Rovert opens the battle with two death bursts that nearly kill all three and the others finish the white one before they retaliate. Carl manages to dodge a beam that would have killed him, but Rovert is hurled against the wall for significant damage. They quickly dispatch the crawlers without further damage. They continue on but find a cave where Mark saw three cornean crawlers empty.

On the other side of it, they enter another cut chamber where a spectator confronts them, firing a yellow (enervation) beam at Stephen and a grey (petrification) beam that hits Drej, dropping him to the ground again. Rovert responds with a death beam at his maximum power level, an expensive spell that instantly obliterates the spectator (with the help of a good roll). Rovert puts his Constitution boosting bracer on Drej to help him fight off the petrification and he does.

Further into the room they encounter another spectator and two crawlers and Rovert drops another massive death beam and two smaller ones on the spectator to kill it. The green and black crawlers don’t land any beams before they’re killed. They then look into a small chamber off the main one and find orange and pink cornean crawlers. They quickly kill the orange one, but the pink one manages to charm Rovert and Mark in turn (a lot of their shots missed the little creature). Rovert uses death beams to drop Stephen out of consciousness and Mark stabs Carl until he falls as well. It looks dire, but Rovert shakes the charm and finishes the pink crawler, ending the charm on Mark as well.

Rovert heals the two fallen and animates the two spectators as wraiths, and they again return to the level above, resting through the day and the night, Stephen and Carl recover from their near death experience, but Mark is still shaken up that he almost killed Carl. They go back down to where they left off against Marks objections and in the same small chamber kill three more crawlers (black, blue, and red) by ambush, taking no damage from them. They continue on through a bat cave (Rovert invents a spell to eliminate the copious guano) and finish mapping the caves without further incident.

They return to Citadel. Carl levels up.

Three sessions in this little Dyson Logos map. I wanted the lowest level to have something a little different and when I saw Rovert was going, it had to be Cornean Crawlers and Spectators. Maybe I should have used a true beholder, but that seemed to me to be above the level of the party as a whole. Either way, they’ve learned something new about the world.

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