Haven: The Windmill Mystery Solved

On November 2nd, Year 5, Rovert decides to return to the mysterious windmill in the South of the Vale where ghosts have been sighted many times but he has previously been unable to find anything undead. With the earth magics learned from Ovomoda’s acolytes (especially stone-penetrating vision), Rovert hopes to be able to solve the mystery.

  • Rovert (TrS): Level 12 Human Necromancer
    • Drej, Level 5 Psuedodragon Familiar
    • Zengiff, Talking Rock
    • Skeletal Elf Eater, Level 5 Skeleton

Upon arriving at the windmill, he casts his stone-penetrating vision spell on Drej, allowing him to see the shape of the old windmill tower interior. Upon entering he finds it stinks and hasn’t been cleaned. He checks a closet they have searched before and finds a gold statue, gold bracer, and gold coins. He hears something on the stairs a massive, enraged troll attacks.

The troll manages to wound Rovert twice, but he soon kills it and takes its treasure. With stone-penetrating vision, he approaches another wall where with no door, but a clear alcove behind it. He searches until he finds the hidden door. Inside there is a facsimile that attacks. He eludes it, trying to communicate before blasting it apart with concussive bursts.

It is more mechanical than the other facsimiles facsimiles Rovert has seen and he is curious how it works and why it held on a chain in the back of its room. The chain runs up through the tower and he follows it to the roof, where he determines it is a kind of lightning rod. Upon returning to search the alcove more thoroughly, he finds a tome describing in old elvish how to build a facsimile like this one.

He gathers up the broken facsimile and takes it to Citadel house where he asks Earl if he wants the parts to try to build another. He keeps the tome to himself to translate it into Ensignal before giving it away.

The next day he feels a little feverish, but decides to ride out to his tower under construction in the East. There Dohasan recognizes that he has been infected by the troll’s wounds. Healing magic fails to cure the ailment or his wounds, so Dohasan applies a poultice that slows the infection and goes out in search of a cure. Rovert lies in bed, reading through Drej’s eyes, until Thursday evening when Dohasan again returns unsuccessful in his search for appropriate herbs.

On that night, he realizes a plan to use the dagger taken from the gnomish witch to kill the magical nature of the infection and then heal himself. He encharges a healing spell on a stick and then pricks his wounds with the dagger. Dohasan uses the stick on him and his wounds clean and close.IMG_20191102_154552

With Rovert healed, Dohasan takes him on a tour of the tower under construction. He approves the plan for the first 3 stages of construction and returns to Citadel by Friday evening.

That little mystery, courtesy of Rick Stump, has finally been solved. It has been nearly two years since they first visited the windmill, one of the first mysteries I put in the world.

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