Haven: Trick and Treat

On October 27th, Year 5, having heard some reports of goods going missing in Aithreachas and Iron Fields the day before, Citadel House adventurers awaken to find some of their more precious equipment missing. Notes written in a language they don’t recognize have replaced their items, but one written in elvish says: “The moon darkens. Before it smiles again, what’s not found will be ours.” A party assembles to go after the items:

  • Stephen (EnS): Level 4 Human Thief
    • Animus, Level 1 Hawk Companion
  • Q (TrS): Level 4 Human Thief
  • Earl “the Lash” Nigell (WaB): Level 4/3 Human Fighter/Tinker
  • Jeff (JaH): Level 2 Elf Magic-user
  • Marvin (CoB): Level 1 Human Monk
  • Polly (MiM): Level 1 Dwarf Brawler

They split into two groups, Stephen and Q making haste to reach Aithreachas not long after dark while the others plan to spend the night in Iron Fields, these two towns being the seeming origin of the missing items. They try to stay in contact using the communication devices found in the mass grave near Timberford, but they fail when the lead party is just a little outside of Confluence.

As Q and Stephen press on past the prison on the cart road to Aithreachas, Stephen spots a flickering light off the path to the right. They go to check it out and find a pumpkin with a face cut in it and a light inside. A farmer’s sickle lies in front of it. They approach and Q takes the sickle. The pumpkin cries out “Trick and Treat! Trick and Treat! Hahahahaha!” and Q is struck with a dart that causes him to burst into uncontrollable laughter.

They detect a small fey flying from the scene, laughing at the trick, but Stephen manages to distract it long enough for Q to capture it. They learn that the fey have taken a bunch of stuff to lure people out for “tricks” in order to get their “treats” back. They continue on toward the next light through the trees.

Meanwhile, the other party arrives in Iron Fields, making camp at the pavilion built by Jacob Pharoe’s men as a temporary base before restoring the manor to the North. They decide to keep two man watches, one guarding the camp and the other patrolling the village. While Earl patrols, he learns from Claire (a pixie that frequently visits Citadel House and sometimes follows adventurers) that this is a night of pranks and they need to recover the goods in the woods to the Northeast. He wakes up the rest of his team and instructs them to scatter looking for jack-o-lanterns.

After several pranks from the fairies (aridni and selang from Tome of Beasts) guarding the jack-o-lanterns and lots of “Trick and Treat! Hahahahaha!” the party eventually reunites with Q and Stephen who have had a similar experience, though more cautious and measured. They proceed toward a bonfire and ring of jack-o-lanterns on poles in the distance.

While Polly creeps toward the pile of goods around the bonfire, going after Stephen’s magical magnifying glass, eerie music starts, causing confusion to some of them while the pumpkin men come to life. Polly throws the magnifying glass to Stephen and while others smash pumpkin heads, Stephen looks through the glass to see a winged panther arriving in 12 seconds at the bonfire. He calls for everyone to withdraw and they do while smashing the remaining pumpkins.

The panther arrives, calling himself Umbra, agent of the Moonlit King, one of the rulers in the Feymourn Forest. He thanks them for the show and leaves the goods to them, departing with his fey cohort. They gather up the stolen tools and other goods and return to Iron Fields to distribute them.

Testing of the communication devices on the way back to Citadel reveals that distance is not why they failed and seems to rule out a theory that the fey influence was the cause of the failure. They do start working again about an hour from Confluence.

This was a special Halloween session for the Haven campaign. Got a little more silly than normal. The risk was low and the stakes were low with regards to PC life, though some of their magical items were theoretically at risk.

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