Planet Mercenary Kids 3: Gilligan

While searching for work on the Hypernet, Lizzie finds a job rescuing people stranded on a station in the Pereri near Oceanic 815. They agree for a little to help for pretty limited pay and teraport to the ring where flight control points them to the station where their client is stranded.

They dock and are greeted by esspererin calling themselves Gilligan and the Professor. While the Professor takes a look at their ship, they go to meet the others. The Millionaire has been sick for a while and they find him attended by his Wife. Skipper arrives suddenly, yelling about the Professor’s robot arriving.

Lizzie quickly builds a robot to fight it and while it grapples the Professor’s robot, Hissy fires her plasgun to burn off its armor. When the robot gets damaged, Hissy makes rapid repairs. Lizzie engages with a chainsaber, severing limbs from the robot. Between them, they soon destroy it.

They start evacuating everyone to their ship only to find that the Professor has sabotaged it. They get it repaired quickly and leave the station, dropping their passengers as soon as possible and taking what pay they can get from the unusual cargo.

The girls were more satisfied with the length of this one, shame that they didn’t get the reference.

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