Play Testing Sinner’s Manor

Instead of our regularly scheduled Primordial Frontier game, RiH, ByW, and BiW were generous enough to play test Sinner’s Manor for me. JaH joined us:

  • Jak (JaH)-Human Ranger (Unearthed Arcana), Level 1, Great Weapon Master, Favored Enemy: Undead
  • Friar Roland (RiH)-Human Nature Cleric, Level 1, Polearm Master
  • Charlotte (BiW)-Arachne (1 web per long rest, medium) Fighter, Level 1
  • Hob Falco (ByW)-Lightfoot Halfling Rogue, Level 1

Characters were 27 point buy and seemed pretty well optimized. Little did they know. As they approached the house, it was all fun and games, robbing each other’s empty purses and other shenanigans. Inside, Charlotte went down during the first fight, but they got her back up and handled both sinners fine. Jak indulged my chimney obsession by checking the fireplace. They did not find Porthos’ ring.

Things went a little sideways when they decided not to be deterred by a locked and reinforced door and  crowbarred their way into the basement. Velos was waiting for them and coincidentally won the initiative (this despite not being very good at it and Jak being built to win initiatives). Velos first breath weapon dropped Jak and Friar Roland (it was based on the Silver Dragon Wyrmling breath weapon with shorter range, but has been further nerfed to half that power). While Charlotte and Hob Falco engaged, Jak and Friar Roland both expired, each rolling a crit fail on their death saves. When Charlotte went down as well, Hob decided it was time to get out but wanting his action for a Dash, fell victim to an attack of opportunity, going down as well.

This is when I figured we’d just take another run at it, since the night was young, but then Charlotte rolled a 20 on a death save, popped up, and finished the Avarit. He got Hob stable, carried out her companion’s bodies, and with the loot collected from the basement hoard and an advance from Davis got Jak and Roland restored to life. I decided not to have the other undead terrorize the town during this interlude, mostly because we were all so devastated at the severe outcome.

They returned to the manor, smoothly handling the ladies on the second floor despite Roland walking squarely into their crowd control. On the third floor, the aceda made trouble for them with its stench cloud disabling attack and disengage actions and Hob was killed instantly with a critical hit on an opportunity attack. They eventually defeated it with the most of them huddled in a closet while Jak stabbed at it from across the hole in the library floor.

Annotation 2019-10-25 073633

Demonstration of the least clear map and the color tokens in use on Roll20.

The invid proved little challenge to them, even without Hob, and they soon had the house cleared and the treasure gathered for another run to the healers.

You can get the updated version with 33% less death and better maps on drivethrurpg. It’s pay what you want, but if you like it, consider coming back for more modules.

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