Biweekly Item-Pauldron Toad

536107-rastakhan_s_rumble_cinematic_still_8_png_jpgcopyWondrous Item, rare (requires attunement, one attunement up to three toads)
The pauldron toad takes residence somewhere on your organic armor (hide, wood). It feeds off your magic aura for life. After you cast a spell until the end of your next turn you can cast Thorn Whip as a bonus action (whether you know the cantrip or not) using your spell attack bonus from the spell you cast to activate the toad. The thorn whip takes the form of a tongue lashing out at the target from the toad’s mouth.

Also until the end of your next turn after casting a spell, the toad has its own reaction to attack using your spell attack bonus, dealing 1d6 slashing damage on a hit, when an enemy comes within 10 feet.

I sell modules. Each purchase or review brings me a little closer to being able to write this kind of content full time.

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