Planet Mercenary Kids 1: Juab Jurassica in Flames

In their our first session using Planet Mercenary (Hero Kids fizzled out) the girls set out to start their mercenary company: Sparkle Science.

Their captain Lizzie (a purp with a science background) and her friend Hissy (a rilla engineer from the circus) agree to escort three scientists deep into Juab Jurassica and help capture dinosaurs for them to tag. With their fire teams and the three scientists, it’s a somewhat tight squeeze on their Harmadillo-class gunboat: Science.

Once on the surface, the scientists start to prepare their camp and Lizzie and Hissy lead their fireteams to look for the acid spitting dinosaurs the scientists want to study. While they search, Hissy’s Blattco chainsaber fails. While Hissy repairs it, Lizzie cobbles together a sensor to track the reportedly stinky dinosaur.

Just as they are finishing their repairs, a pack of small dinosaurs runs up on them. They open fire, but a mayhem card dictates that things get worse: a large dinosaur was chasing the smaller ones. Hissy fires her Strohl plasgun as it bursts through the trees, but yet another mayhem card indicates something embarrassing enough to drop the company’s reputation 2 points. Her plasgun beam sets the forest alight. With the flames spreading rapidly, the dinosaurs scatter and they run back to the ship.

Lizzie quickly builds a flame suppressant foam gun based on her military science background. They mount it on Science and Hissy pilots them near the flames so Lizzie can fire the foam. Eventually, they get all the fire out and return to the science camp. They go back out and are lucky to still find a couple of the desired specimen. The scientists finish their research and they return to the moon to get paid.

Though they do get paid, the fire fiasco, compounded by the bio-damaging effects of Lizzie’s foam mean that the local science community refuses to hire them for future jobs. They’re going to have to go farther afield to find work.

(S) was devastated at losing their relationship with her old scientist boss on the moon. I think it was partly because her invention had caused some of the damage. We had a good talk about failure and how it was going to make the story better as they tried to fix their reputation.

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