Lost Monastery-Alvin Letter 5

Little Simon,

As I write to you I have just returned from a truely unusual journey, adventure, foray? We, Azazel and I, gathered two others, John and Valen, to return to the rat warrens and eradicate the matriarch producing the rats there. I had no inkling of the game that this mission would become.

As we began to cut our way through the rats, John showed us how to play ratball, an absurd game where he would pitch the large rats toward us and we would gain points by killing them in midair. Never had I anticipated the skills I learned playing ball with you, though I confess I at first was too focused on merely slaying the enemy and fell behind in the score, but I feel I did much to redeem myself when, disarmed, I delivered a devestating header to one of the rats’ head as it passed over me, killing it.

The chaotic game continued as we fought our way through the warrens, eventually reaching the matriarch and slaying her. The ratlings she birthed during the fight nearly allowed me to catch up my score, but alas, Azazel and Valen tied for the win. I never expected such…frivolity when facing death and danger, but I must say I enjoyed it.

Your da,


P.S. I have included a map of the warrens as far as we explored them. There is still much to search.

Play reports of Alvin’s adventures at the Lost Monastery will take the form of letters to his wife and grown children. He is not a reliable narrator.

A lot of firsts in this one: my first unarmed attack (I had no idea you got proficiency), my first time being given inspiration (for singing a rat ball song with clever rhymes), first session with custom crit and crit fail tables (I got two of each for epic results in both directions). A lot of fun, though ratball definitely led to us being fast and loose with the rules.

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