Primordial Frontier S16: New Gollant

Upon their arrival in New Gollant, they immediately start toward the temple of Vardor to check in on the refugees from the Iron Lines village. On the way, they pass preachers of the various gods entreating the new arrivals to accept lodging at their temples. One such preacher gets their attention, one of the four-armed aliens preaching surrender. Curious, they approach and listen.

  • Rathdar (ByW): Level 6 Human Vampire (23) Cleric of Vardor
  • Bilbil (RiH): Level 6/5/1 Harpy (16) Thief/Alchemist/Technician
  • Amhran (BiW): Level 6 Fey “Pucca” (10) Cleric of Emedia
    • Clarence: Level 11 Four-armed Skeleton Gunner with Revolvers

Bilbil, near the back of the crowd, notices one listener seems to be an alien as well, hiding its hands in its sleeves and apparently fidgeting with a second pair under its robes. He speaks with her and they agree to meet at the temple of Bulootine, where she is staying, at the poolside tavern. Meanwhile, Rathdar confronts the alien preacher.

His passionate advocation that Vardor will lead a defense against their invasion is met with derision from the alien, who claims that any god of Perenia is only a lesser god who filled the void in their absence after they created the world. Despite this, the alien preacher withdraws after a short debate and the crowd presses around Rathdar, wanting to learn more of this Vardor. He directs them toward Vardor’s temple to stay, giving healing and blessings as needed, sharing tales of their battles against the alien attacks.

Amhran, leaving Rathdar to his preaching, makes her way to Emedia’s temple where she is welcomed eagerly and the high priest of Emedia performs a ceremony designating her Emedia’s highest wandering preacher, bestowing an enchanted cloak on her to signify this designation.

Bilbil meets the alien, Seradal, and they become friends. During the weeks they are riding New Gollant across the seas, they work together to study the robot parts Bilbil has gathered, which unfortunately do not suit her needs. Bilbil learns that she doesn’t trust the other aliens and that she is looking for means to repair her ship which they shot down. She helps Bilbil understand the Time and Space fingers that Estrei (the four-armed aliens) can use for spell casting.

The three of them also spend some time searching the libraries of New Gollant to learn where to look for Lamila’s lost axe. They naturally gravitate to Galileo Strongpaw’s travel logs and learn which mountain he and Lamila were last camped near, where that camp was, and where Lamila was searching on the mountain when she disappeared. Seradal decides to join them based on what Bilbil has told her about their skill in navigating the low lands. She helps him to construct a glider in the Hilbrent workshops. The party uses some of the money earned by saving the passengers of the crashed cruise ship to buy various magical items.

As New Gollant passes near the mountain they expect to find the axe in, they descend in their glider, landing in what they think is the valley where Galileo and Lamila last camped together, under the cover of the clouds. They start up the mountain with Amhran’s skeletons bearing torches to keep the frog-like creatures around them at bay. They follow them, slowly closing in.

Rathdar flies ahead in bat form, but is attacked by some winged predator that stoops on him, taking him to the ground as he transforms back.

The Primordial Frontier Campaign is set in the Perenia world of the Tyranny of Mundanity and Stormguard campaigns, but in a future where the world is characterized by wild magic below a mile above sea level.

Sentient Skies, a module for 5th edition, has released. Seradal is an NPC in that module core to helping the party confront the space invaders.
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