Lost Monastery-Alvin Letter 4


It makes my heart glad to know you have received your commission, a midshipman already! You always were bright and bold! If you know when you will have leave, send me word and I can meet you to celebrate your accomplishment.

I have exciting news of my own. Yesterday I embarked with Azazel, my tiefling friend, to retrieve the map of a missing merchant in the dark woods. We soon found his broken cart and followed ratkin tracks to where we slew two of the rats, finding the merchant’s corpse in a tree. He had the map we sought. I am enclosing a copy I made of it.

We returned to Storm’s Rest and Azazel recuperated, having slain many rats. We learned that the rats likely have a matriarch in the nearby woods that the merchants would pay dearly to see eradicated. On the morrow we returned to the woods and soon found the ratkin warren. We slew some of them, including an armored warrior, but dared not venture beyond where the tunnel split with only two of us. We returned to recruit some of the other adventurers and intend to go finish the job tomorrow.

Your Proud Father,


P. S. By Emeron’s power I made a ratkin explode when it struck me!

Play reports of Alvin’s adventures at the Lost Monastery will take the form of letters to his wife and grown children. He is not a reliable narrator.

There was some worry about going with only two people, but with both heavily armored and healers, it wasn’t a problem. Wrath of Storm popping that rat was the most epic I’ve ever felt in D&D.

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