Pokemon 5e: Catching the Electrike

309The group of Lana Town trainers having spent the night with the fire trainer and rancher, Vince, now face an angry Electrike after having caught three of its Mareep. Pavrick immediately hypnotizes it to sleep and they do a little damage before it awakes. Iaacog throws a pokeball, but the Electrike escapes. Pavrick also throws a pokeball and captures the Electrike.

Pavrick trades his newly captured Electrike for Vince’s Growlithe, giving him a Pokemon capable of herding the Mareep back to his town. They spend the rest of the night together before heading out, continuing South toward the Copper Mines and Sessuh.

This campaign (using the Pokemon 5e rules by Joe The DM) is going to be something like a once a month thing. My daughters are helping me DM it as an alternative to Hero Kids. They and I control Banana, my wife’s character is Jessa Bell, Uncle N is playing Pavrick, Uncle A is playing Iaacog, and Aunt A is playing Tracy.

This session was cut short, but perhaps for the best. We hadn’t played in a while and I wasn’t in a good state of mind after a grueling hike.

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