Lost Monastery-Alvin Letter 3

IMG_20190824_224551My Dearest Rachel,

Two weeks ago we entered some catacombs through a blighted tomb. Yesterday hen we returned to finish searching it for the missing witch. Of the original party, only Valen Gilmore and I returned, but Lunalyn, the dragonborne, rejoined us and a young noble named Saylan also took part.

When we arrived at the open tomb, I was loth to again descend by the steep tunnel and recalled stairs in the NorthEast corner that ascended. Surveying the cemetary, I saw a masoleum precisely above those stairs. I therefore suggested to the party that we try entering via the masoleum.

On our way there we encountered another of the vomiting zombie with its companions. We attacked, but I was overconfident in new terrain and Val and I were soon in well over our heads as they closed.

I advanced deeper and bathed them n Emeron’s light, calling for the others to retreat. Surrounded, I fell and knew no more for a time. But Emeron’s tinkling tones spoke to me.

I arose, wounded, but ready again to fight. Saylan was fleeing two remaining zombies, Wal was running to his aide and Lunalyn lay broken on the ground. I healed Lunalyn and too ran to stop the zombies.

We slew the remaining zombies in short order, but being sorely spent abandoned our intentions for the catacombs, returning to Storm’s Rest to recover and train. I believe our next attempt will be a success.

All my love,


P. S. The guards haven taken a liking to me and house me.

Play reports of Alvin’s adventures at the Lost Monastery will take the form of letters to his wife and grown children. He is not a reliable narrator.

This week, Val and I both went down, but both rolled 20 on death saves in the same turn, popping back into the fight.

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