Haven: Defense of Mavenbush

On August 17th, Year 5, having heard reports of Schek Viilka attacks on Satyr villages in the West of Satyr lands, some of the most powerful adventurers in Citadel House set out to defend the Satyrs:

  • Verdis (HuS): Level 11 Human Fighter
  • Rovert (TrS): Level 10 Human Necromancer
  • Conan (MiM): Level 7 Elf/Vampire Magic-user (Fire and Wind)

Verdis, regarded broadly as a hero among the satyrs for having rescued their elder from Schek Viilka in the past (among other things), leads the party through the winding satyr paths to the West of their roaming lands. Wednesday night they make camp a few hours from Mavenbush, a village they have heard was fortifying against frequent Viilka harassment.

In the morning, they all smell burning and Conan hears a roar like an ogre. They rush toward the village, finding it encircled with a new palisade. A dozen orcs encircle the palisade opening on this side, using movable barriers to keep cover from satyrs behind the walls and preventing them from abandoning the village.

The party attacks. Verdis and Rovert’s wolf rush forward to engage a group of three each. As they charge across the open field, Conan and Rovert running toward their own groups, the orcs turn and loose arrows toward them, spearmen running to engage. While Verdis battles his three, the wolf keeps its three occupied and Conan obliterates three with a mighty fireball, singing himself. His next fireball misses, but still damages the three the wolf is battling. Rovert’s spells are smaller, but with Drej’s help he keeps them engaged, whittling them down to one.

Verdis, finishing his three, runs into the village as they hear cracking timbers and commotion. Conan follows, a third fireball having killed the remaining orcs engaging the skeletal wolf. In the village, they find the satyrs retreating toward the pass on the back side as the satyrs guarding it call that the Valefolk have cleared the way there.

IMG_20190820_172441Pursuing the satyrs are several orcs and several ogres, having broken through the wall with an ogre battering ram. Verdis engages the first two ogres, slaying them quickly and continuing into the main body of orcs, which Conan fireballs, counting on Verdis’s resistance. While the last foot soldier runs around to get behind Conan, the goblin caster’s guards advance on Verdis while orcs in ogre backpack carriers fire arrows at him and two other ogres hurl boulders. The goblin starts to cast what they recognize as a mind spell.

Another fireball from Conan interrupts the spell, but a boulder flying his way knocks him unconscious. When the goblin starts to cast again, Verdis grabs his fireflint hand axe and hurls it at him, killing him outright and interrupting his fear spell again. With no immediate threat to the unconscious Conan, Verdis fights on and slays the remaining orcs, cutting down the backpack ogres which fall on their archer passengers.

Meanwhile, at the rear of the village, Rovert finishes his last orc and sees orcs riding Elf Eaters (massive wolves) to pursue the fleeing satyrs. He engages one of them while the other savages the running satyrs. He soon kills wolf and rider and goes on to the save the satyrs riding his skeletal wolf.

Having saved most of the village, they loot the bodies, Rovert animating the two elf eaters, six ogres, and the goblin as a wraith, significantly growing his undead force. They all receive gifts from the satyrs and return to Citadel having destroyed a major Viilka force. They all level up, a special moment for such high level characters.

The Haven campaign goes on. This was a bit of a side track to stall while I get some things ready. It was perfect for these high level characters. Unfortunately we had to cut it short, so some hooks on the way home will have to be given away from the table.

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