Biweekly Monster-Soot Lord

SootLordThe Soot Lord was one of the great lords of the fey when they warred against mortality and sought to take over the world. When it was captured and imprisoned by the gnomes, it was a great blow to the fey forces, particularly those darker forces that supported the war effort. The balance of power among the fey soon changed to bring an end to the war.

Flaming Horror. With eight legs and a great, piercing eye of fire, the Soot Lord is a terrifying sight wielding visible weapons of flame.

Ruler of Soot. The Soot Lord was particularly influential over those fey originating from fallen fey, especially those fallen from phoenixes, it once having been the Phoenix Lord before it left its own ash. It can now call upon soot hounds where ever it is.

Soot Lord
Huge fey, chaotic evil
Armor Class: 18
Hit Points: 207 (18d12+90)
Speed: 40 ft.

19 (+4) 18 (+4) 20 (+5) 15 (+2) 18 (+4) 20 (+5)

Saving Throws: Str +9, Dex +9, Wis +9, Cha +10
Skills: Arcana +7, Insight +9, Perception +9, Stealth +9
Damage Resistances: bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from nonmagical attacks
Damage Immunities: fire, poison
Condition Immunities: poisoned, charmed

Senses: truesight 120 ft., passive Perception 12
Languages: Sylvan, telepathy 120 ft.
Challenge: 16 (15,000 XP)

Magic Resistance. The soot lord has advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects.

Death Burst. When the soot lord dies it explodes in a burst of fire. Each creature within 20 feet of it must make a DC 18 Dexterity saving throw, taking 39 (6d12) fire damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one. Flammable objects that aren’t being worn or carried in that area are ignited.

Hateful Heat. At the start of each of its turns, the Soot Horror deals 11 (2d10) fire damage to any creature within 15 feet.

Multiattack. The soot lord makes five attacks, two claws, two scythes, and one sting.

Claw. Melee Weapon Attack: +9 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 7 (1d4+4) slashing damage and 5 (1d6+2) fire damage.

Scythe. Melee Weapon Attack: +9 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 11 (2d6+4) slashing damage and 16 (4d6+2) fire damage.

Sting. Melee Weapon Attack: +9 to hit, reach 10 ft., one target. Hit: 8 (1d8+4) piercing damage and 13 (2d10+2) fire damage. The target must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or suffer madness. On its turn, the target moves and attacks a random enemy if can reach. At the end of its turn it makes a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw to free itself from the madness.

Ashen Form. As a bonus action, the soot lord can free itself from a grapple by becoming fluid, leaving ash in the grappler’s arms.

Searing Ray (Recharge 5-6). The soot lord directs a beam of scorching heat in a 60-foot line that is 10 feet wide. Each creature in that line must make a DC 18 saving throw, taking 52 (5d20) fire damage on a failed save, or half as much on a successful one. Flammable objects that aren’t being worn or carried in the line are ignited.

When the Haven players met this, it was still weak from breaking free of its prison. It should be more formidable the next time. I hope you find a use for it in your game as well.

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