Vojvoda Od Miru Palace


The Palace from the top of the Donjon to the mines below.

The Vojvoda od Miru (Duke of Peace) was responsible for maintaining relations between the Dwarves and the gnomes. They has a special relationship with the gnomes, and so little security was needed to the Vojvoda’s palace.

The palace was built upon a site that was special to ancient gnomes but had been forgotten. The Vojvoda knew this and built his palace there to exploit the ancient site. He kept prisoners under his palace so he could use them to mine the Orichalcum found there.

Since the fall of Zevza, the Dwarf kingdom, a brown dragon, Ovomoda, moved into the caverns below the castle. His worshipers and guards live in the palace above, Kobold fighters and monks. The gnomes, expanding again after the fall of the elves and dwarves, are ambitious to claim this dwarven structure on their borders.

Ground Floor
Cliff Palace_7p0 (2)
This was the floor most frequented by guests, who might eat in the dining hall for visit in the sitting room. Curtains hide a stair to the dungeons and in the library there are two hidden doors, one to a vault of valuables behind a paining, the other behind a bookcase leads to a chamber connected to the main Zevza teleport circuit.

Second Floor
Cliff Palace_6p0 (2)
This floor has four opulent bedrooms and the upper floor of the library.

Third Floor
Cliff Palace_5p0 (2)
Four more bedrooms. The domed and frescoed ceiling of the library is also represented.

Fourth Floor
Cliff Palace_4p0 (2)
The top floor of the castle holds the Master Bedroom and the quarter’s attached to the mage tower. At this level, the majority of the structure rises above the cliff side behind.

Cliff Palace_3p0 (2)
This level is open to the air except for the guard houses, which contain stoves for heating sand or water to pour down.

Upper Guardhouses
Cliff Palace_2p0 (2)
Archers in the upper level of guardhouses on the battlements can launch arrows out onto the cliff behind the castle as well as far out in front of the cliff over the defenders on the battlements.

Mage Tower

The mage towers continues two floors above the top of the guardhouses. The top floor is an observatory with a powerful telescope.

Cellar and Guardroom
Cliff Palace_8p0 (2)
The kitchen and the cellar are accessed by stairs off the dining room. Down the stairs behind the curtain is a guard room and a solid iron door cutting off the way to the dungeons.

Cliff Palace_9p0 (2)
These cells were used to hold the criminals in the Vojvoda od Miru’s domain who he used to mine the orichalcum below.

The Mines
Cliff Palace_10 (2)
While the Vojvoda used it only to mine the precious ore, the ancient gnomes used the orichalcum to build a dome and circle for witchcraft purposes. The modern gnomes don’t remember its location, but will probably recognize it if they find it.

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