Lost Monastery-Alvin Letter 2


Our departure to the cemetary (after my week under a dark cloud) yesterday was overwatched by a rain I took for a sign of Emeron’s blessing, but perhaps it was an omen.

We approached the open grave site where John and Val had previously sought the body of a supposed witch. Through a coffin full of wicked vines lay a tunnel into unknown below.

In that space we found no sign of the witch but instead catacombs, presumably below some masoleum nearby. We encountered creatures, facsimiles stitched together of feathers and dread, piloted by a tormented soul. The first of them nearly slew me, had Azazel not been present to revive me.

In the course of our search we liberated three of these tormented souls. John and Val raided many tombs, but we found some skeletons inside that were living, so at least the desecration ended that evil.

We were forced to sleep inside the catacomb and while on watch I heard a ghostly wail that rattled my soul. Ther is great evil lurking in this place. May I be the cleansing rain of Emeron to wash it clean.

Your Father,


P.S. Azazel is a Tiefling, a good one!

P.S.S. I shall enclose a copy of my catacomb map.

Play reports of Alvin’s adventures at the Lost Monastery will take the form of letters to his wife and grown children. He is not a reliable narrator.

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