Raglan’s Journal 26

I flew into a rage, becoming uncaring for the enemy’s petty attacks. We had soon slain them all, allowing us to free all of the remaining prisoners on the second level of the college. We relocated them to the first floor where one of the senior mages cast a teleportation circle spell to get them all out of the college, along with some of the precious artifacts gathered on the first floor.

We eschewed any further rest and headed back up into the college looking for the interim Head of the College, who is supposed to be on the third floor somewhere. We are battered, but Anduin is ready to teleport us out if things go badly. I used the rest of my healing capacity on Juniper and Anduin before ascending.

After slaying a minotaur with astrite armor and weapon and a mage, we came to a room with a legendary Sphinx within, under the influence of Tiamat!

These journal entries are going to be in-character play reports from ByW’s campaign, which we alternated playing with the Tyranny of Mundanity campaign and now the Primordial Frontier campaign. My character, Raglan “the Light”, admires RiH’s character, Anduin Damian and follows him believing his place in history will be as a companion of the royal adventurer. He is impressed with their elven companion, Juniper (played by BiW), but does not know her well.

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