Haven: Colorful Children

On July 27th, year 3, a party assembles to answer Qete’s request that someone help with her children who returned from the woods all different colors. Providing an address and name for the job poster successfully sent them right to the source rather than going through Matthias:

  • Rowan (MiM): Level 4 Elf Magic-user
  • Ragnvaldr (TrS): Level 3 Human Fighter
  • Caramon (CoB): Level 3 Human Fighter
  • Stephen (EnS): Level 1 Human Thief

They arrive at 17 Pasture Gate Road, a nice house, to find an agitated elf mom who has confined her three sons to their room. After interrogating the green and orange children, they learn that they play in the forest North of Citadel. Further questioning the quiet purple child is more helpful. He just wants to be cured and tells them about a shack about 3 miles North and a little East of Wraecliff’s Castle. They learn that an old gnome chased them off when they were throwing his potions at each other.

They head to Wraecliff’s Castle, diverting off the North side of the road and hiking into the woods. They get lucky, coming upon a trail through the undergrowth with the signs of teenage children (wrappers, apple cores, head-high branches missing all the leaves, and so on). They follow this trail until they see a shack where the undergrowth crowds close but for a worn footpath running around the back. They can see where the youth pushed through the bushes to reach the door.

After using Stephen’s time-spying glass to verify that they could approach without danger, they knock on the door and when no one answers, they enter and find an alchemy lab with a bed in the corner. The dust and colorful stains tell the story of the youths arriving, throwing four potions, three at each other, and leaving. They also see the dragging steps of an old gnome through the orange stain on the floor. They decide to wait for him to return.

The shadows are growing long before they hear slow steps on the path outside. When the gnome enters, looking as old as anyone they’ve ever seen with wrinkled skin sucked close over his bones, they try to address him. He yells at them in gnomish, which none of them speak, gesturing for them to leave. He doesn’t seem to understand elvish either and flees into the woods. They pursue, encircling him and trying to calm him down.

He grows more frenzied, trying to find a way out of their ring and attempts to rush past Ragnvaldr, who grabs him. The stench of the old gnome is enough to cause Ragnvaldr to vomit, but he keeps his grip until the gnome’s panicking ends in him crumbling to ash.

With nothing more to do with the gnome, they scrape up some of the pigment from where the boys threw the potions and return to Citadel, where they have Agon with his book, Randall with his alchemy knowledge, and finally Jared the alchemist with a gnomish book of alchemy take a look. Together they determine a cure for the colors, but lack an ingredient found near Luchd-Siubhail (“Wanderer Mountain”). Since they should wear off in a couple weeks, they go back and tell the mother that everything is fine and the colors should clear up on their own.

This was a Praxist from the Whispers of the Dead. A little more curiosity about what an undead was doing all day out in the woods would have gone a long way.

The Haven year in review is up. Hard to believe we’ve been at this for two whole years. Seems like I’m taking a little too long to move along any major plot lines…

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