Second Year of Haven

On July 15th, Year 3 (2017) the first adventurers called to pass through the portal in the temple of Enoch to Haven arrived in Citadel. Matthias greeted them and put them to work solving problems throughout the Vale and beyond. Their first year of activity is summarized here.

Since that time, the Citadel House Adventurers have gained the trust of Dargos (a leader among the Creideamh faction of gnomes) and he has helped them in their ongoing conflict with the Ar-a-mach faction that opposes elf and dwarf involvement in gnomish affairs and seeks to awaken an ancient king to bring the gnomes to power.

They have also formed a strong allegiance with the Union of Schek orcs and goblins and reached a peace of sorts with the Dragon Empire, though with no official definition, they still enter into conflict with kobold and lizardfolk forces from time to time. Kobolds the Dragon Empire disavowed burned some of their grain stores before winter and a party slew a dragon and its cloister of kobold worshipers on the edge of gnomish lands. They have received no reprimand for this attack, unlike when they attacked the Ker Vedno garrison shortly before the Dragon Empire ambassador arrived.

They have wandered a little farther in various directions, finding a rabbitfolk calling itself a Lagoran South of the Satyr lands. They believe there are many of them in the prairies, the Satyrs call them the “serious ones.” They have also come to believe that a powerful lich occupies the ancient college to the North. While relations with the Union of Schek are strong and little conflict has arisen with independent Schek, they have encountered heretical Schek which worship the Schek deities in unorthodox ways. These tend to be more short sighted and wild in their interactions.

Going into our third year, there are some new things stirring, but the Dragon Empire continues to be a tense relationship and the Ar-a-mach are increasingly active near and in the Vale. They believe that the Valefolk have some of the keys to awakening their ancient king and as they draw nearer to achieving their goal, they become more desperate to get their hands on the captured keys.

For more detailed accounts of their adventures, see below:

July 14th-July 20th, Year 4: Believing that Ar-a-mach forces took advantage of the siege at Rathad Oidhche to look for something, a couple of adventurers try to follow in their footsteps to a disastrous end.
July 21st-July 28th, Year 4: A party goes the farthest West any Vale folk have gone and attacks a major Kobold outpost with mixed results.
July 28th-July 31st, Year 4: In order to prevent further occupation by Dragon Empire forces and free up the adventurers garrisoned there, they destroy the caves and fortifications of the Dragon Empire outpost.
August 4th-August 11th, Year 4: A first run at an ancient dwarven fortress the gnomes are interested in.
August 11th-August 16th, Year 4: Randall wanders the path of the road under construction, scouting miles on each side to ensure there is no danger along the way.
August 11th-August 16th, Year 4: A second run at the dwarven opens it up and discovers significant resources that come into gnomish hands.
August 18th-August 20th, Year 4: Randall goes to deal with drakes near the road path, meeting several other travelers on his way.
September 1st-September 7th, Year 4: Having gained Dargos’ trust, Verdis and Q venture into a tomb gnomes are forbidden to enter to counter the Ar-a-mach efforts there.
September 8th-September 12th, Year 4: Adventurers return to the place of Bart’s death to learn what the Ar-a-mach found there.
September 15th-September 24th, Year 4: A diplomatic party makes its way to the capitol of the Union of Schek in order to negotiate a treaty with this powerful body in Haven.
September 21st-September 25th, Year 4: While looking into reports of a ghost at the windmill, the party has a run in with some fey.
September 29th-September 30th, Year 4: After sightings of Torren stealing in Iron Fields, adventurers go to arrest him again.
October 13th-October 16th, Year 4: Adventurers go to hunt an ogre found by Randall’s scouting and find much more.
October 20th-October 23rd, Year 4: Having been driven out of the tomb in the North, a small party goes to investigate further.
October 27th-October 30th, Year 4: With the last chamber of the tomb left unexplored, a party led by Verdis returns to clear out the remainder of the tomb.
November 3rd-November 7th, Year 4: After seeking out fey creatures, adventurers make their way into the fey itself.
November 10th-November 14th, Year 4: Kobolds set fire to grain silos in the Vale before they can be stopped.
November 17th-November 18th, Year 4: Rovert finds a place removed to study new magics he wishes to implement.
December 1st-December 10th, Year 4: Archivist gnomes invite Citadel House Adventurers to visit their menagerie to help solve the disappearance of some of their specimens.
December 8th-December 13th, Year 4: Following a lead from the Black Hammer gnoll adventurers, the Vale goes to an unusual farm to the West in search of food to replace that destroyed by the Kobolds.
December 15th, Year 4-January 1st, Year 5: At a tip from Dargos, a party travels far North to the far side of gnomish lands to stop Ar-a-mach efforts to obtain the key to another seal.
January 5th-January 9th, Year 5: Frost wolves cross the frozen lake and attack the Vale.
January 12th-January 16th, Year 5: Investigating the source of the frost wolves, the Citadel House adventurers find that a heretical Schek is behind it.
January 19th, Year 5: Taren asks for help with a delicate problem that leads to diplomatic efforts to set a questionable situation right.
January 26th-January 28th, Year 5: With no efforts for peace from the heretical Schek to the South, Citadel House adventurers attack and force a negotiation.
February 2nd-February 7th, Year 5: When Torren escapes from prison, a posse goes to pursue him.
February 9th-February 15th, Year 5: After a long time left quiet, Rovert goes to investigate the research facility in the blighted area.
February 16th-February 20th, Year 5: After not seeing Rovert for some time, concerned parties go to the blight after him.
February 23rd-February 28th, Year 5: A party of adventurers attempts to make its way to the ancient college reported to be in the North.
March 2nd-March 7th, Year 5: A second run at the college arrives at the campus.
March 9th-March 11th, Year 5: The backlash from the adventurers’ activity at the college comes to the Vale.
March 16th-March 18th, Year 5: Adventurers go to explore a lizardfolk tomb they were told about by a goblin visiting the Vale.
March 16th-March 24th, Year 5: Curious adventurers make their way to an Equinox festival in Gilded Falls, the capitol of the Union of Schek.
March 23rd-March 24th, Year 5: Another foray into the lizardfolk tomb leads to disaster.
March 30th-April 10th, Year 5: A last effort clears out the known lizardfolk tomb near the Vale.
April 13th-April 15th, Year 5: A small party goes to the new gnomish village of Aithreaches to support the new Vale settlement with a pest problem.
April 13th-May 8th, Year 5: Rovert, following a complaint by Dargos, finds himself at a Dragon Empire occupied fortress.
May 11th-May 16th, Year 5: A woman asking for something she could use as a gift leads adventurers to uncover some unusual events in Kite.
May 11th-May 16th, Year 5: Called their by Rovert, a mighty party attacks the castle where he is staying with a kobold convent.
May 16th, Year 5: Having defeated the garrison with powerful magic, the party is attacked by their dragon master.
May 25th-May 31st, Year 5: Following a ghostly white rabbit, adventurers find their way to open prairie to the South.
June 1st-June 2nd, Year 5: A mission is cut short after bad behavior in the party.
June 8th-June 10th, Year 5: With giant spider activity increasing, a group of adventurers goes into the woods hunting spiders to sell their legs to Jacob Pharoe.
June 15th-June 17th, Year 5: A mighty party returns to the woods, racing Jacob Pharoe to slay the queen of spiders.
June 22nd-June 24th, Year 5: Children coming home from the woods with wounds raise concern and a party of adventurers go to see the cause.
June 29th-June 30th, Year 5: When a delegation of orcs and goblins from the Union of Schek arrive at the shrine of the God of Knowledge, appropriate Citadel House negotiators go there with the Dragon Empire ambassador to renegotiate an agreement.
July 6th-July 9th, Year 5: Some adventurers try to track the source of unusual accidents in Iron Fields and other places.
July 20th, Year 5: A small party attends one of the many open houses at the newly finished Castle Wraecliff.
July 27th, Year 5: With a mother concerned about her kids being dyed various colors, a party goes looking for the source of the color change.

The Players

All my players have been amazing to work with. I hope we have a long future ahead. Let’s meet them all! (In order of recent participation, roughly.)

HuS continues to be a constant presence at the table. He has begun to devote significant effort to avoiding leadership responsibility, introducing Gorg, a character whose communication and decision making skills are weak enough that he cannot be trusted to lead.

  • Verdis, Level 11 Human Fighter (Axe and Shield, Healing Magic, Archery, and Tracking), is one of the most senior adventurers in the Vale. He’s saved the lives of his companions many times, often almost giving his own. As the de facto leader of the Citadel House Adventurers, he mostly coordinates efforts from Citadel, letting others do the work he once did so they can become as experienced as he is. He still leads important efforts and coordinates the defense of the Vale itself from exterior threats.
  • Randall, Level 6/1 Human Druid/Alchemist (Animal and Plant Control and Speaking and Animal Forms), has started to train in alchemy and now spends much of his time in study and production of alchemical products.
  • Agon, Level 5 Elf Magic-user (Stealth, Travel, and Mind Magic, Bear Companion), handed off control of the prison and has become the leading Vale expert in orc relations. He led the way to treaties with the Union of Schek and trained missionaries to go among them.
  • Gorg, Level 4 Orc Thief, joined the Valefolk and the Citadel House Adventurers after his father was killed by a Dragon Empire patrol. He considers them the best chance at destroying the Dragon Empire, but is frequently confused when working with teams who don’t share a language with him, since his elvish is imperfect.
  • Slade, Level 1 Human Fighter, Deceased, was a short lived adventurer who gave his life to satiate the Knowledge Dragon and save the Vale. His great faith and ability would have been a great asset to the Vale.

TrS has become a constant in the group. His impatience leads him to take charge when others refuse to, but he has ulterior motives that will soon become clear.

  • Rovert, Level 10 Human Necromancer, has become a powerful influence in the Vale, often leading Citadel House Adventurer parties when Verdis does not. Between adventurers, he frequently has his own, secret business to attend to. In addition to his undead, he has Dohasan, a Centaur he rescued from the gnomes and as yet the only henchman in the campaign.
  • Q, Level 4 Human Thief (Assassin), has been in the Vale some time, arriving in irons. After a few intense adventures, he ventures out less often now and has dedicated himself to being Matthias’ body guard and campaigning to elect Verdis to a position of power.
  • Ragnvaldr, Level 3 Human Fighter, was a city guard who is dedicated to protecting his companions. He mostly stays near the Vale supporting local missions.
  • Chiron, Level 1 Human Hunter, was created out of a short-lived desire to play a centaur. He has a magic horse legs ring.
  • Donehogawa, Level 1 Centaur Fighter, came looking for his brother Dohasan. Finding he had sworn himself to Rovert, Donehogawa stayed as well.
  • Bart “the soon to be Bard”, Level 2 Halfling Musician, Deceased, was a street player who shared an alley with Harold before they both came. Bart supported his teams with rousing music out of combat and tunes that compelled friend and foe to dance in combat. He was a poisoner on the side, a skill which helped dispatch a few powerful enemies over the course of his short career. When the gelatinous cube swallowed up his corpse, Randall retrieved it at great personal risk and buried it on a ridge outside Cria Basin.

MiM is now another constant player. He’s quiet, but his willingness to keep secrets makes him a great resource for intrigue.

  • Conan, Level 7 Elf-Vampire Magic-user (Fire and Death Magic), came from being a weapon smith to the Vale. Heavyset and short, he was the last person people would have expected to be a vampire, but he became one. After a while of hiding it, he was put into a coma by a lizardfolk commander, not healing naturally as his body starves and not healable by the magics of the healers in his undead state. His hawk familiar, Scar, still watches over him.
  • Rowan, Level 4 Elf Magic-user (Death and Life Magic), came to the Vale looking to do a great work. He has only just begun, but his powers have been a great boon already to adventuring parties in need of healing and damage output.
  • Warren, Level 1 Dwarf Fighter, a humble dwarven warrior who has found little place in adventuring parties yet.
  • Polly, Level 1 Dwarf Brawler, hasn’t seen play yet, but he can turn into a bowling ball, which is a gimmick we’re all looking forward to.
  • Harold, Level 1 Halfling Thief, came to the Vale despite having to leave behind his alley buddy Bart. To his surprise, Bart came with him the same day! He hasn’t gone out adventuring since that first day with Bart, but news of Bart’s death won’t do much to change that. He won’t hear until he is relieved of his lookout duties at the Kobold outpost.

CoB dropped off a little with other extracurricular activities, but he’s not done completely. He still comes from time to time.

  • Osiris, Level 6 Elf Magic-user (Life and Death Magic), was a common thief until he learned of magic and found he had an affinity for it. He became a doctor before he was called to the Vale. In the Vale, he has been the reckless tip of the spear in a number of missions. His recklessness will surely kill him.
  • Caramon, Level 3 Human Fighter (Stealth and Heroism), came from street gangs to the Vale claiming to be Cripis’ brother, with no other explanation. He was overwhelmed to see Cripis dead and hasn’t gone out since.
  • Cripis, Level 2 Halfling Fighter (Understatted, Stealth from Backstory), Deceased, was a thief who came to the Vale looking to be a hero. He saved the Satyr Elder and when the vampire in the dwarven prison killed him, he was honored by the satyrs at his funeral.
  • Marvin, Level 1 Human Monk Acolyte, he was created after the last session and hasn’t seen any play yet, but his notion is to be a ninja!
  • Sipric, Level 1 Human Fighter, arrived into a flurry of activity when he was influenced by the rogue adventurer Torren. Ashamed of his actions during that time, he has not gone out any more.

WaB doesn’t find a lot of opportunity to attend, but when he does, he is a unique experience with his battle mages and MacGyvers. He’s decided to engage with expanding the population of the Vale, which is a direction I didn’t expect things to go.

  • Aronis, Level 5 Human Magic-user (Fire and Wind Magic, Dabbling in combat and utility), came from the farm into a wild magic he would come to master. While his skill is primarily in magic, his heart is still that of a farm boy, engaging with sling and sword more often than with magic. His eagerness to use magical items found has led him to many mishaps, but his curiosity also teaches them much. He is probably the most powerful magic-user in the Vale, and still growing.
  • Earl “the Lash” Nigell, Level 3/3 Human Fighter/Tinker, is always an interesting part of a mission. He is the first test in the tinker rules and has had a few fun inventions so far.
  • Lash, Level 2 Human Thief (Ambush and Incapacitation), was a petty thief and child of poor farmers before he came to the Vale. After a few close calls, he started to doubt his suitability for the perilous life of an adventurer. He has avoided going out, but still stands by for an appropriate task. He is currently serving as a lookout with the adventurers guarding the Kobold outpost.

KJW is consistently a goof ball. When he comes, you can count on his character not really contributing much to the party’s capability, but him contributing plenty to the fun.

  • Xygmeyer, Level 1 Human Druid, has proven to be a coward in battle, a distinction his cheetah animal form and animal companion are well suited to.
  • Xander, Level 1 Halfling Thief, came with a letter warning he was a criminal. He still hasn’t reformed and is under house arrest.

EnS has finally given in to temptation after ad hoc Fate games at camp and come to make a character. He has a real vision for play and his arrival may mark a new era.

  • Stephen, Level 1 Human Thief, was an investigator before going to Haven. He has plenty to investigate in his new home. He should be interesting.

KeG is living in the neighborhood pretty temporarily, but while he’s with us his experience is very welcome.

  • Algrif, Level 1 Dwarf Brawler, is highly competitive and finds himself with much to prove among the Citadel House Adventurers.

JaH is periodic in his attendance, but his characters have been hilariously limited in their scope, making them a lot of fun to play.

  • Mark, Level 3 Halfling Thief, has been on some extremely dangerous missions for his experience and has done a good job keeping out of danger while being effective.
  • Jeff, Level 1 Elf Magic-user, had the distinction of having low-rolled stats and a character concept as ill-conceived as only first characters can be.

LaB, mother of CoB, brings character voices and character flaws to the table in a big way. She is extra fun as a role player, while still requiring the younguns to come up with solutions.

  • Sventlana, Level 2 Human Brawler, is on a quest to find a groom for a princess. It dominates her thoughts whenever she interacts with anyone.

DaS, sister of TrS, is busy enough with college not to be a frequent participant, but when she does come, she helps keep Rovert in line.

  • Ale’filia, Level 2 Elf Cleric of the Living Water, is very good and lawful and this comes into conflict the default behavior of the party often.

CoS has come twice, he seems likely to return and is a lot of fun.

NiE, my wife, played in the first session, but generally uses Saturdays to run errands. Mostly sends her character to garrison situations when needed and plays when those garrisons come to an end.

  • Barfollowmew “Loamie”, Level 2 Half-elf Cleric, came to the Vale looking to escape war and be a chaplain. He is now helping to guard the prison ever since the Lich’s vampire was put there.

PaT has not returned since last year’s report, work and all, but maybe we’ll see him again.

  • Frank, Level 5 Dwarf Brawler (Puncher), was a carpet salesman before he was called to the Vale.
  • Bill, Level 2 Human Fighter (Archaeologist, General Combat), had seen a great many strange things in the ground before passing to the Vale.

MaC can’t stand to spend the hours on a Saturday, and I can’t blame him. We keep his character warm, though.

  • Lonir, Level 5 Elf Thief (Infiltration, Healing Magic),  was a street urchin before coming to the Vale to face dangers like he had never imagined. He is the wise and friendly face that greets new arrivals in Citadel through the portal and currently oversees the defense of the Vale in Verdis’ absence.

JeA has been out for some time, learning to play the guitar. Now it sounds like he might be moving, so his character may well become an NPC.

  • Simon, Level 4 Human Druid (Tracking, Survival, and Fire Magic), was a military commander who lost his unit and sought the solitude of the forest. He went to Haven looking for answers and peace, only to become a leader again. While no one has fallen under his leadership yet, fears for more loss have caused him to hang back while others go abroad.

JaA is JeA’s son and has been in the same boat. His characters may soon become henchmen as well.

  • Jonathan, Level 3 Human Musician (Riding and Battle Song), was a traveling musician, and though he couldn’t come back from it, the journey to Haven seemed like an interesting trip. His time manipulation mandolin has been an interesting tool, and he still hasn’t explored all of its effects. He owns the only horse among all the adventurers.
  • Legolas, Level 1 Elf Thief, was among the first adventurers through the portal, and since that first day he hasn’t engaged in an adventure, lingering around Citadel House and doing mundane work for his keep. He has been assigned to guard the prison since the Lich’s vampire was put there.

CooB/LaB are CoB’s parents and while LaB has come a few times, they haven’t played their shared character in a while.

  • Sylviana, level 2 Satyr Thief, has gone on to join Jacob Pharoe’s adventuring troop, at least for the time being.

KeM hasn’t been since last years report, busy kid.

  • Peter, Level 2 Human Monk, has been assigned to guard the prison since the Lich’s vampire was put there.

BrS returned, but nearly a year ago. She hasn’t been since, but may return.

  • Drucillia, Level 2 Elf Fighter, came from being the muscle in a street gang to the Vale, where she soon found herself breaking a siege..

JoT has not returned, he has been missed.

  • Bob Ross, Level 1 Dwarf Brawler, was a painter with a fro and of course a beard. When he came to the Vale, he had a special helmet made to protect his fro and went to work. Though he now paints the temple interior, his next foray into the wilderness is much anticipated.

NaA is JeA’s other son and still has not returned. If they move, his character will become an NPC or maybe a henchman.

  • Thorn, Level 1 Dwarf Cleric, having dealt with trolls and satyrs, Thorn now spends his days in the healing house.

KeS came once and doesn’t show any sign of coming back.

  • Alfred, Level 1 Human Monk, had his first Vale experience chasing a drake from the temple attic during a snow storm. He hasn’t seen fit to go out since.

RiS came once and realized it wasn’t the game for him. To each his own, I suppose.

  • Drax, Level 1 Human Druid, helped defeat the dragon garrison by chasing a herd of deer to lure the kobold hunters out.

With that summary, the campaign continues. Be sure to check back for more play reports and so much more.

If you’ve made it this far, then you’re awesome! But seriously, if you’re this dedicated to the blog, you should check out Sentient Skies or one of the other modules I offer.

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