Lost Monastery-Alvin Letter 1

IMG_20190726_150835Young Avery,

Your father made you proud yesterday. I’ve joined up with an ecclectic bunch of adventurers, a dwarf, an elf, and even a dragonborne maiden! Naturally I felt some trepidation at joining such a company, but i have since proven myself a worthy member of their company.

I lead the way into the ancient cemetary by Emeron’s light. When first we met a zombie, I responded immediately, slaying the pitiful thing before it could lay a finger on any of us.

Our next encounter was not so fortunate. There must have been something there to attract the undead, including one wildly vomiting grubs. While Sam, the elf, wisely kept his distance, Lauralyn and John rushed in. I followed them in to help protect them.

I performed admirably and only John, “Poor” John as he calls himself, was harmed. The brash dwarf fought on ahead of me when he arrived and was battered by a zombie and spewed upon by the vomiting one. I must admit that he is resilient. Such abuse would have slain me. We triumphed, however, and I have been proven.

Your Father,


Play reports of Alvin’s adventures at the Lost Monastery will take the form of letters to his wife and grown children. He is not a reliable narrator.

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