Lost Monastery: Alvin Sommerfel

I’ve started playing in an after work campaign. It’s supposed to be very deadly, so I’m going to highlight my first character while he’s alive. Also, the DM let me write my own farmer deity.

Alvin Sommerfel watched adventurers as a child and promised himself that someday he would be one and go off to do great things. This promise did not stop him from falling in love and before he got around to going on an adventure, he was married. Children soon followed and he knew he was responsible to them. He stayed safe, farming and paying devotion to Emeron, the god of spring rain.
He still dreamed of adventuring and kept himself fit while learning the rites and spells of a Cleric from the priests of Emeron. Decades passed and his children grew, starting families of their own and moving out of the house. With no more children to care for, he gathered his painstakingly saved weapons and equipment and set out to Storm’s Rest, a fitting place for a Tempest Cleric to begin a great adventure, or perhaps a modest adventure before returning home to his wife for their twilight years. After all, he had already done so much with his life.



Chaotic Good

Domains: Knowledge, Tempest

Lesser God

Symbol: Rain Drop with rays radiating from it

Emeron is primarily the god of farmers hoping for good weather to favor their crops, though it is not uncommon for him to be wild and send ferocious rains, wind, and thunder when the mood strikes, or to send famine when truly angered. His priests are master predictors of the weather and lay worshipers come to them to determine when the last frost will be do determine planting times, as well as to know when to build new irrigation or to cover plants against a Friday.

A common rite exercised among lay worshipers is to bathe in the storm, rushing out during thunderstorms to dance in the rain and shout back at the lightning. Emeron is generally a quiet and gentle god when not provoked. His worshipers emulate this nature, quiet, reserved, and benevolent, but wild when moved to wrath.

Alvin is a Tempest Cleric. I picked up Polearm Master with the human feat variant, and in our first session, that feat was more impactful than the class.

This is the first post of many in this weekly campaign: Lost Monastery. The DM is trying out some custom rules of his own creation meant to make the game grittier and higher resource management as well as a mega-dungeon he’s developing. Should be a wild ride!

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