Haven: Shrine of Knowledge Negotiation

On the 29th of June, Year 5, the Vale responds to Union of Schek negotiators (orcs and goblins) arriving to make good on the requirement of their treaty with the Vale that the Vale facilitate their entry into the agreement with the God of Knowledge (a purported dragon) concerning the land surrounding its shrine:

Paul (District President of the Vale North District and the Vale’s primary diplomat) accompanies them to the negotiations before the dragon statue. Also present are the five representatives of the Union of Schek (one each), the lizardfolk commander of the tower above the shrine, and the Dragon Empire ambassador to the Vale (a lizardfolk).

First, the Union requests their people be protected by the peace in the mile surrounding the shrine, justifying that it is near the borders of their land. They also propose they build a tower on the hill opposite the river from the Dragon Empire tower, a tower that would be on the Kite side of the Vale’s dam beside the shrine.

The Dragon Empire pushes back, saying that while the orcish claims this far eastward are valid, they do not span so far South this far East. The God of Knowledge instead grants them a hunting lodge of no more than two stories and unfortified. They accept.

Second, the Union requests that non-union Schek be excluded from the protections of the treaty, but the God of Knowledge convinces them that if they insist on bringing their battles to the region of peace, that they will need proof to show that members of the peace killed their people if they are ever found dead in the region. They withdraw the request and the whole mile around the shrine is acknowledged as a place of peace for all peoples.

Finally, they propose that the Vale, Union, and Dragon Empire pledge not to raise each other’s dead by powers of necromancy going forward. Agon pushes back on this stipulation, drawing ire from the orcs who accuse him of willfully disrespecting their dead. However, the Dragon Empire representatives argue that this topic has no bearing on the area around the shrine and should not be included in these discussions.

The God of Knowledge backs this assessment, but offers the mile surrounding his shrine as a place where the dead shall not be disturbed if they are buried with markers including his sign. Agon invites the orcs to visit Citadel if they desire to pursue adding this clause to their treaty.

We played out this negotiation while hiking out of the Narrows in Zion National Park, it’s been coming for a long time and was well suited to a moment without dice.

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