Biweekly Item-Capricious Cowl

On the one hand, these powerful cowls provide great boons in time of need, with various powers and a mind at the helm that knows when to use them. On the other hand, that mind is not particularly loyal or communicative. It will eventually let you down.

The cowl has the appearance of a spider gripping the wearer’s forehead with its head and mandibles covering the bridge of the nose, forelegs wrapping under the eyes. The spider has small, bat-like wings and eight gleaming rubies for eyes.

Capricious Cowl
Wonderous Item, Very Rare (requires attunement)

Intelligence: 16 (+3)
Wisdom: 6 (-2)
Charisma: 10 (+0)

Languages: understands common, but does not speak. It communicates with the wearer telepathically

Senses: Hearing and Normal Vision to 120 ft., passive Perception 8

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

While wearer the cowl, the user might receive help fitting the situation. The cowl’s consciousness itself has sole control over when its powers are used. It has a maximum of 9 charges and there is a 10% chance +10% for each remaining charge -5% for each charge the boon will use that the cowl will use it when it perceives a need. If the wearer enters a situation where they want to use one of the cowl’s known powers, they can ask the cowl if it will use it, but the cowl has a 50% chance of lying and they must succeed on a DC 13 Wisdom (Insight) check to know if the cowl is telling the truth.

Feather FallThe cowl expends 1 charge to cast feather fall on the wearer when they are about to fall 30 feet or more.

Shield. The cowl expends 1 charge to cast shield on the wearer when they are being attacked by magic missile or an attack that would bypass their AC.

Knock. The cowl expends 2 charges to cast knock on a door that the wearer tries and finds locked. This happens so quickly, the wearer might believe the door was just jammed when they first tried it (passive Perception 15 to know the spell was cast).

See InvisibilityThe cowl expends 2 charges to cast see invisibility on the wearer when it determines there is an invisible threat nearby, usually because the wearer takes damage from it. Each time the threat of the invisible thing becomes apparent, the cowl reconsiders this option.

Counterspell. The cowl expends 3 or more charges to cast counterspell at a level equal to the number of charges. It chooses a level equal to the level of the spell it is countering if it has the remaining charges, but if it cannot match the spell’s level, it casts counterspell at level 3. The cowl chooses this option when a spell would effect the wearer in a malignant way.

Tongues. The cowl expends 3 charges to cast tongues on the wearer when it perceives that the wearer does not understand a language being spoken or that the wearer is speaking to someone who does not understand them.

The cowl recovers 1d8+1 charges daily at dawn. It refuses to communicate the number of charges remaining, though a detect magic spell followed by a DC 22 Intelligence (Arcana) check can determine the number, give or take 1 for each 2 below the DC. If the cowl expends its last charge, roll a d20. On a 1, the cowl explodes and is destroyed, dealing 4d6 thunder damage to the wearer and deafening them for 1 minute.

A recent episode of Detentions and Dragons got me thinking about intelligent items again. Players beware!

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