Haven: The Spider Queen

On the 15th of June, Year 5, the Citadel House Adventurers send a team to try to beat Jacob Pharoe and his team to slaying the Spider Queen discovered in the woods East of Iron Fields the week prior.

  • Verdis the Prickly (HuS): Level 11 Human Fighter
    • Phineas, Talking Rock
    • Mukdue, Sentient Bag of Holding
  • Rovert (TrS): Level 9 Human Necromancer
    • Dohasan: Level 3 Centaur Druid Henchman
    • Drej: Level 4 Psuedodragon Familiar
    • Elf Eater Skeleton (Level 5)
  • Earl “the Lash” Nigell: Level 2/2 Human Tinker/Fighter

They spend the night in Iron Fields and Tuesday morning they head into the woods with Dohasan guiding them on the same path they took the week before. Soon they reach the site of their final battle from which they saw the Spider Queen. Drej scouts ahead, looking down to see only a few large spiders remaining at the massive dome of webs in which the Spider Queen seems to be again sleeping.

They creep near the dome and Rovert empowers three of Verdis’ arrows with powerful death magics. Verdis creeps forward and when the few spiders on guard take notice of him, looses an encharged arrow into the queen. In the battle that ensues, Rovert’s skeleton wolf holds two of the spiders in a battle of attrition away from the others while Verdis shelters the party from most of the rest. The queen launches eggs sacks at Verdis, webbing him a couple times and releasing swarms of smaller spiders that Rovert fireballs to destroy them while minimally hurting Verdis (who wears fire resistant robes of a dragon worshiper).

With Rovert standing close behind Verdis and firing off a death beam or two a round, Earl and Dohasan are well sheltered from attack while the large spiders engage and the massive spider queen climbs out of the dome, one of Verdis’ arrows catching in the web. Drej manages to retrieve the encharged arrow and drop it on the spider queen, narrowly eluding the spider queen webs. As more spiders arrive, Verdis hits the spider queen with the third arrow and moves to meet her and them. One of the arriving spiders goes after Dohasan and Earl, another after Rovert, only to be teleported away by his rebuffing robes.

While Verdis parries and counter attacks with both his axes against the spider queen, cutting down spiders as they attack him, more spider reinforcements arrive and Jacob Pharoe close behind them. While Jacob Pharoe fights some of the new spider arrivals, greeting Verdis jovially, they now race to defeat the spider queen before Pharoe can get a hit in and share in the XP (according to assumed rules of XP distribution I choose to allow them). Throwing everything they have at it, they bring the spider queen down just after Jacob Pharoe finishes with the spiders near him.

They find centuries of dead int he spider queen’s nest, including several magic items, mostly Nekolyn nature-blessed equipment, but also one mysterious glass crown and some gnomish alchemical solutions. Jacob Pharoe takes only a couple of the unusual mushrooms Dohasan finds and rushes off to rejoin his other adventurers, who he left battling some of the spiders.

Earl and Rovert level up.

With the spider queen killed, the local spider threat is now greatly diminished and decentralized. Another active threat to the Vale has been removed, freeing up more of the area for low level adventurers and allowing Jacob Pharoe and other high level adventurers to turn their efforts farther afield.

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