Haven: Rabbit Hunt

The Satyrs have invited the people of the Vale to join them in the hunt for a glowing, white rabbit that has appeared in the South of their lands. A couple weeks after the rabbit first appeared, a couple of Citadel House Adventurers go to check it out:

  • Rowan (MiM): Level 3 Elf Magic-user (Life and Death)
  • Gorg (HuS): Level 2 Orc Thief

By nightfall the 25th of May, they arrive in Petterfel, the nearest Satyr village to the Vale, where those Satyrs that speak elvish inform them of the rabbit that appears, coming from the South into Satyr lands, every generation or so, bringing great luck. The Satyrs have long striven to capture it and keep its luck in their lands. They learn that the hunt has mostly moved to the South and after spending the night in Petterfel strike out on the Southern trails. 

As they travel South, they meet Satyrs returning from the hunt, afraid to continue too far. Near sunset, they approach the Southernmost Saytr village, finding it swarmed with colorful Satyr tents. They pay a fletcher in the massive camp for information and learn that the rabbit was spotted in the South and that all the hunters rushed out after it.

Gorg tracks the hunters to the South and they pass a few of them having given up the hunt, but when night falls, they still haven’t overtaken the main body of the hunters. They continue into the night, eventually coming upon Satyrs encamped among the trees. Like them, Rowan and Gorg make beds without setting up their tents and sleep, hoping the Satyrs breaking camp will awaken them.

In the morning, they awake to the Satyrs starting to move, seeing that many early risers have already set out. They notice some groups discussing and Rowan, who has been learning a little Satyr, is able to determine that they are getting nervous about going so far South and considering turning back.

They go on anyway and as they go, the Satyr numbers dwindle. They can see some turning back and others turning off the main course to follow some sign. Gorg decides to look for rabbit signs himself, rather than continue following the Satyrs and finds prints running away from the main body that have a faint glisten to them that can’t be the morning dew. Rowan, when he gets very close, can feel some vague magic coming off of them.

As they follow the tracks, they see they are gaining on an elderly satyr following the same course. They approach him, but he rebuffs them and eventually settles down to rest and let them pass him by. As Gorg continues to track beyond the old Satyr, the tracks double back on themselves and each time they come back into view of the Satyr he laughs at them. They eventually decide to settle down for the night. The elderly Satyr tracker joins them and they share watches.

On Gorg’s watch, a glowing white rabbit appears, circling close. It is larger than any rabbit Gorg has ever seen, as large as a halfling, and moves mostly on its rear paws. He awakes the others and their attacks seem to pass through it without harming it before it bolts into the woods to the Southwest. They pursue through the night, taking turns in Rowan’s sleeping bag again.

They become aware that it wants them to follow, so they stop a while and lure the rabbit closer, attempting to attack it with an encharged bolt, to no effect. It runs again and does not fall for any further ruse. Near dawn, the rabbit vanishes and they pass the day resting a little beyond where it disappeared. After nightfall, it appears again near where they camped and they again give chase. With more shifts in the sleeping bag, they keep pace and near daybreak come into a prairie where the rabbit runs ahead to a small cottage that it circles a while before vanishing.

They approach the cottage and a brown rabbit, similar to the glowing rabbit in size, answers. He is dressed in robes with daggers at his sides. It speaks to them in elvish and they learn that he is banished from the other Lagoran’s by choosing to accept a burden that his great uncle and many of their kin have born for 30 generations. He explains that the white rabbit was his recently passed great uncle on his last walk about, his first chance to venture to the North, to lands deemed too near the Dragon Empire during life.

Qiangda Zhuazi is eager to learn about these newly arrived elves and seems to believe they might be able to take the burden from his family. He contemplates visiting the Vale once he has ensured that the surrounding lands are secure for the other Lagorans. In exchange for news, he tells them that the merfolk in the nearby bay have been upset to observe what looks like a green blemish appearing on the moon, which they worship. They have blamed the Nekolyns, who love plants, for what appears to be their work.

Their elderly Satyr companion, who complains that he would have returned if they had not made it safe to continue but who cannot now return alone, having grown bored with the discussion goes out to wander. Soon, they hear his distressed cries and step out of the cottage to see him running from a massive wolf, known by the Saytrs as an Elf Eater. Gorg and Rowan go to his rescue and stop the wolf from catching him. While they engage the wolf, Qiangda emerges and attacks the wolf with a golden spear, lightning coursing from it. The wolf howls, disabling Gorg and Rowan, and despite Qiangda’s efforts brings Gorg down before falling itself.

Qiangda binds Gorg’s wounds and asks Rowan to help him bring Gorg inside to tend to him. Rowan instead heals him with magic. Tired from their long search, and Gorg from his wounds and magical healing, Rowan, Gorg, and the Satyr spend two days in Qiangda’s home before returning to the Satyr lands and the Vale. Gorg levels up.

Low level characters are opportunities to explore new things in safer parts of the land, but I can’t help but feel I am overdue for advancement in some of the ongoing story arcs.

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