Hero Kids: Library Ghost

In Hero Kids this week, the girls visited the library to see what they could learn about the Order of the Eye. While they were studying, they heard some commotion and followed the librarian to find the books scattered all over the floor in one of the aisles. The librarian insisted on putting the away herself, so they went wandering the library in search of the culprit.

IMG_20190420_111757They soon arrived at an index card cabinet where the cards were scattered all over. They set about putting them away and had soon sorted them all. They were about to leave the cabinets when a drawer opened and cards started floating out. They shoved them back in and hold the drawer shut. After struggling with other drawers that try to open, they started to tape them closed.

Frustrated, a ghost appeared and attacked them. (C) had her hunter flee, afraid, but (S) managed, after taking only a little damage, to deal two damage to it and make it disappear.  They returned to the front desk of the library to tell the librarian about the ghost.


She didn’t believe them, until a stack of books levitated off a shelf behind her and fell on her, knocking her to the ground. They battled the ghost again, this time defeating it for good. The librarian thanked them and asked them to help with a ritual to banish the ghost, which they helped her to complete.

Hero Kids is a great system for kids with a lot of great art. While I’m considering writing an article arguing that systems barely matter to the kind of fun most players chase, this is a good system if you’re looking to play with your kids.

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