Biweekly Item-The Glamour Crucible

“Yes, it’s true that these dozen items severally possess the powers necessary to defeat the Emberstar, but with only four of us mighty enough to enter its domain long enough to use them, we will never complete the process before we are all killed.”

“That is why we must visit the Glamour Crucible.”

The Glamour Crucible is an altar of ancient power that, when the world was new and magic was young, was used to refine what little magic there was to be found into a concentration that had effectual power. Means of harnessing magic improved greatly with time and the Crucible was lost and all but forgotten.

Two to four magical items may be placed in the crucible’s upper trays. On the next full moon, throughout the night, the items are destroyed and their distilled magic is poured into the  destination item in the receptacle below. This item inherits their combined powers, ACSD.

If the moon is occluded during this process, there is a chance of partial failure. Some scholars speculate that this is why weather magic, though complex, has such an early beginning in historical magic.

For example, if a Lantern of Revealing and a Horn of Blasting were distilled into a shield, it might create a cone of light in front of the shield that reveals invisible things for up to 60 feet. As an action, the shield can be struck to create a deafening sound in the cone up to 30 feet, but the shield has a 20% chance of exploding when used in this way.

I’m sure this is going to come up one of my campaigns. I haven’t decided whether to put it in Haven or in this or a future Perenia campaign.

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