Haven: Acolyte of Ovomoda

On Monday, April 13th, having sent Drej to bring backup, Rovert arrives at the site of the sunken village. In the fading light, he can see the roofs of the gnomish houses just above the seemingly solid stone. As he approaches from the South, he sees a keep built into the cliff face to the East. The wall around the courtyard before it is mostly torn down and what he can see of the houses seems to be made from the same stone. The keep itself looks still sturdy, including a single tower rising high above the rest. The roofs of the tower and the battlements look to have been made of wood that is now rotted away.

  • Rovert (TrS): Level 8 Human Magic-user (Death and Undead)
    • Drej, Level 5 Psuedodragon Familiar
    • Elf Eater Skeleton (Level 5)
    • Mutated Elf Eater Zombie (Level 8)
    • Dohasan, Level 1 Centaur Druid
    • Zengiff, Talking Rock

Rovert makes camp nearby, his skeletal wolf on watch. During the night, he is awakened by the wolf’s haunting snarl and arises. A nervous voice from the darkness calls out in Dragon Empire to learn who he is. He tells the voice he is not associated with the gnomes and learns that their master destroyed the village for its intrusion on his territory and the sounds of their tools on his stone. He agrees to come before their master.

In the morning on the 14th, Tuesday, as Rovert is cleaning up after breakfast, he sees five kobolds emerge from the keep and approach his camp. Their leader wears matte-brown painted plate armor and carries a fine-looking spear and ornate small shield. The rest wear brown robes bound with brooches of stone. He senses a chaotic magical aura from them. The leader, the Tooth of Ovomoda, invites Rovert into the keep where he is introduced to the Voice of Ovomoda who leads them down into the dungeons and mines beneath the keep.

The Voice goes on ahead and they follow, coming to a metallic dome structure in a large chamber of the mine. It exudes a magical aura more powerful than that Rovert has felt throughout the cave. The Tooth announces him and the Voice translates from Dragon Empire to the Dragon tongue. When asked his purposes in coming, Rovert expresses curiosity for the power that sunk the village. Ovomoda, speaking from within the dome and translated by the Voice, offers to train Rovert in the power of earth dragon magic, but asks where he learned his necromancy, if from the Orcish goddess Degrik or from a black dragon. Rovert claims it to be dragon magic, passed down through generations of acolytes after the dragons were driven from the land of Enoch. Ovomoda, apparently quite curious at this, makes his eye and part of his head seen through the entrance to the dome, apparently a brown dragon. He speaks a little with Rovert directly in Dragon Empire and about the history, but is satisfied that Rovert has no other dragon master.

Rovert swears fealty to Ovomoda and the Voice and Tooth lead him up into the keep to be initiated and begin his training with the newer monks. On Thursday, the 16th, Rovert senses that Drej has come within a mile together with the Dohasan and the zombie wolf. He telepathically instructs Drej to send Dohasan and the wolf back to Slighe Domhainn to inform Dargos of the dragon and then to go seek druids with which to train. Drej joins Rovert in the keep, impressing his fellow initiates and the higher ranking monks.

On the 20th, Ovomoda grows impatient to know more about the dragons of Enoch. Though he has sent a runner to inquire in the great libraries of the Dragon Empire, he instructs that Rovert, who can read Elvish, Ensignal, and some Dwarven, have his daily duties modified so he can spend time in the keep’s ancient library looking for information of the Enoch dragons. Over the next week, he learns that the dragons were driven out of this land by the Nephilim, the orc gods, when they invaded and is referred to a dwarven tome about the dragons in which he finds a postulation that the Nephilim invasion drove the dragons to Enoch and that when they were driven out of Enoch, they returned to this land and participated in the uprising against the Nephilim.

On the 27th, Rovert is called before Ovomoda again to report what he has learned and tells him more or less what he found. Ovomoda then reveals that his attendants have discovered that Rovert has a dragon sword, Verzelai. He demands the sword be brought to him so he can speak to the black dragon soul within. Rovert brings the sword and on the way they converse, agreeing that Rovert can learn power from Ovomoda before betraying him. He waits outside the dome while Ovomoda speaks to Verzelai. When Ovomoda emerges, Verzelai is returned to Rovert and Ovomoda informs him that Verzelai has blessed Rovert’s oath of fealty to Ovomoda.

At Verzelai’s recommendation, Rovert advances to the next level of the monk training (the level attained by level 1 kobold monks) and starts to train with them in earth magic, as well as shifting more attention to learning the Dragon tongue, though his human mouth finds the words even more difficult to form than the Dragon Empire language. In his spare time, he studies other magics in addition to the earth magic the monks guide him to.

By May 8th, a Friday, Rovert advances again in the ranks of Ovomoda’s attendants, now having only 2 peers and 4 superiors. He also levels up, becoming a full-fledged Necromancer and mastering the earth magic through a level in the Swift Magic learned by monks and many other magics through a level in Stealth Magic linked to necromancy. 

The Haven campaign will be missing the next couple of weeks, which gave Rovert an opportunity to go on this solo excursion looking a few weeks into the future. By the time we play again May 11th, Rovert will be ready to betray his new master if the other Citadel House Adventurers arrive.

In the meantime, play report posts will be at a lower volume for a couple weeks. I’m going to try to get some serious module writing in, but if there are topics you’d like me to write on, now is a good time to recommend them. 

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